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Recent world events have changed the world in what seems like a minute and that forced B2B businesses to find new ways of doing business online.

For almost a century businesses relied on attending B2B seminars , trade shows and events to promote their products and meet potential clients and customers.

Seeing how these usual channels are now being disrupted - online B2B marketplaces are rising in popularity all over the world

B2B marketplaces, like Enterprise League, are quickly becoming the place where businesses turn to in order to expand their business, promote their products and acquire new leads.

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What is the B2B marketplace

A B2B marketplace functions just like an e-commerce platform by connecting buyers and suppliers. The suppliers can be located anywhere in the world which opens up more business opportunities for them. On the other hand, this diversity allows customers to select from a huge variety of suppliers on the platform. The flexibility of sourcing products or services from all over the world and getting them delivered directly to the buyer, has created opportunities for B2Bmarketplaces that directly connect buyers and sellers. B2B marketplaces are responsible to make sure that the suppliers found on the platform - and their products or services, are fully vetted and verified so that buyers are completely ensured that they are getting into a trustworthy collaboration.

Reach a wider audience

One of the largest benefits of using B2B marketplaces is that it allows both buyers and sellers to reach potential collaborators from around the world. This makes the B2B buying and selling process a lot more convenient than in the past. Being part of a B2B marketplace gives you an excellent opportunity to reach overseas markets without the need to become an expert in cross-border trade.

Improved online brand awareness

These days regardless of whether you are a startup or a well-established business, having an online brand awareness is key for business growth. Being part of a B2B marketplace like Enterprise League allows you to have search engine optimized (SEO) business listing which makes it super easy for potential clients to discover your business.

Saving money on marketing

Marketing in the 2020s gets a bit overwhelming, once you go down the rabbit hole the end seems nowhere to be found. From SEO to paid ads and social media - the options are vast. However, by being present on the right B2B marketplaces all these channels can be bypassed. This is the result of having all clients, competitors and business opportunities in one place. B2B marketplaces can be used to reach directly to potential clients, as well as publish any active business promotions you might have. B2B marketplaces without a doubt heavily reduce the operational cost for any business.

Ideal for testing new products

B2B marketplaces enable suppliers to enter detailed specifics of their products and services directly to their business listings. Therefore, buyers can easily search and find exact matches of the products or services they are interested in purchasing. This feature makes B2B marketplaces the ideal place for you to test out new products or services. You can sell newly launched products or offer free samples to your customers from all over the world as well as collect their direct feedback.

Get ahead of the competition

With B2B customers increasingly moving to online channels , if you are not taking advantage of a B2B marketplace you are falling behind the curve. Keeping up with the trends is extremely important for growth in the B2B sector thus taking advantage of every opportunity will keep you a step ahead.


B2B Marketplaces can be expensive, especially for startups and small businesses looking to expand. Even though they provide a vast number of opportunities, in the early stages some businesses cannot afford the price tag. Luckily the Enterprise League B2B marketplace offers a completely free plan perfect for startups and small businesses with a limited budget. And even better, to register you don't even need a credit card

Too complex to use

Many of these B2B marketplaces can be too time consuming to set up and get going. The process of creating the listings and adding each product can take valuable time that can be spent elsewhere. Even though many of these platforms offer written resources about how to use them and some even have live chats, both suppliers and vendors find the process overwhelming and simply stop using the marketplaces despite their potential.

Potential for Fraud

It takes time and effort to make sure that each vendor and supplier on the platform are verified and most platforms are skipping this process. This allows room for wasting time communicating with vendors and customers that might not be serious companies. Having so many members from all around the world can make it hard to verify each one of them. Luckily at Enterprise League we have developed a smart company check engine that quickly verifies the company details.

What makes Enterprise League the best B2B marketplace

Free plan

no credit card needed

Referral program

more benefits, no additional payment

Fast setup

setup profile listings within minutes

Enterprise League has been created to eliminate the frequent cons of B2B marketplaces. It has a completely free plan for the companies with no budget as well as offers affordable premium plans tailored for startups and small businesses looking to scale their operations. Furthermore you can always use our referral programme to get additional benefits that are usually reserved to paid plans.

The setup process is extremely fast and enables businesses to complete their profile listings within minutes. Our easy to use, built-in AI search algorithm enables users to easily find potential buyers or suppliers in only a couple of clicks.

We pride ourselves with our quality members so we make sure that each vendor and supplier that is using our B2B marketplace is verified by our team. This ensures you can make trades and send proposals in a transparent and trustworthy way.

Industry Specific B2B Marketplace

Even though the benefits of using a B2B marketplace are universal, depending on the type of your business, size and industry, they can vary.


Startups usually have a limited budget that needs to be distributed among many channels which impacts the company’s initial growth. B2B marketplaces help startups in getting quick search visibility, enable them to connect with other established businesses and help them quickly test the market for their products.


The main benefit of a B2B marketplace for suppliers is that there, they can set up “virtual” stores which contain their entire product inventory and the services they offer. Since B2B marketplaces allow you to choose your industry and category within which your business operates, potential buyers that find your store will be highly targeted buyers.


Manufacturers The essence of manufacturers is to collaborate with many different businesses. From connecting with suppliers to potential new buyers, manufacturers can use B2B marketplaces to grow their business in multiple ways.

Understanding the competition, A/B testing new products and building relationships with suppliers can all be done on a B2B platform such as Enterprise League.


Distributors B2B marketplaces allow distributors to connect with other businesses that might be interested in their product. One of the main goals of distributors is to reach new markets and this can be easily done on B2B platforms. B2B platforms make it easier to connect with businesses and find out if they need a distributor.


Wholesalers assume the responsibility and carrying costs of housing huge scores of inventory. They usually act as the middleman between retailers and manufacturers.

Finding both retailers and manufacturers normally means utilizing different channels to reach each of those businesses. However through a B2B marketplace, wholesalers can easily reach both retailers and manufacturers through one unified channel.

How to start using the Enterprise League B2B marketplace

Signing up to the Enterprise League B2B marketplace is as easy as setting up your Twitter profile.

You just need to input your preferred business contact email, company name and location. This won’t take more than a minute to complete and you’ll already be inside the marketplace. .

Once you have successfully created your account you can start customizing it to better represent your company

In order to make the most of your presence on the B2B marketplace, we recommend that you add your products and services to your company profile. By including these our AI powered search algorithm will be able to show your products and services to potential customers..

This means that opportunities will start knocking on your door the moment you create your profile.

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