How to Accomplish your Biggest Business Goals, SMARTER and FASTER than your competition

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Setting goals is extremely important when embarking on a path to success. (read why) However, it is crucial to make sure you specify those goals the correct way.

The sole fact that you are reading this tells me that you want to create a profitable business. In order to get to the millions, you need to begin with simple reflection. Therefore, revisit your previous goals and note clearly what worked and what didn’t work.

Consequently, based on your past learnings you can already get a picture of what the structure of your successful goals looked like. 

Now, one of the most popular practices is to make sure your goals are SMART, meaning that you are able to track and measure your progress along the way.

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound are the 5 sides a goal should clearly address.


Your business goal should be specific. This means that you should explicitly define what the goals is. Example: To be more profitable by $100,000.00 by increasing sales of X product by 20% and reducing fixed expenses by 10%.


You should include a numeric value towards which you will compare and measure your progress.


Embark on a clear and realistic mission. Your goal must be attainable in order to strive to get to the end point.


A relevant goal is a goal that brings you a step closer to success. This is why the initial reflection was important. Your analysis of your past goals shows you that this goal is definitely the right direction you should focus your efforts towards.


Finally, time-bound is essentially a deadline. Without a deadline to rush towards you are less inclined to remain focused. Hence a deadline gives you a natural push to work harder.

Since you have now set your SMART goals, it is time to accomplish them!

Here are our 4 to-do’s that will immediately put you ahead of your competition.

1. Create SMART business goals

Generic goals make planning impossible thus to accomplish a not SMART goal becomes unattainable as it is impossible to measure it. No doubt in order to accomplish a goal you need to give it a number and a deadline to hit.

2. Create Micro-goals

Furthermore, create a series of smaller targets and milestones that you will consistently meet. Every goal no matter how ambitious or long term it may be, requires micro-goals that will clearly picture what happens at each stage up until the end.

3. Review Periods to reflect

Additionally, reviews are an integral part of any business process/task. Without knowing what works and what doesn’t you can hardly improve the positive actions and you won’t be able to avoid the negative setbacks.

4. Be Accountable

Lastly, minimize and if possible completely reduce procrastination. Either find a mentor that checks in with you to make sure you’re executing the tasks or make yourself your own accountability partner. In the latter case you must be consistent in order to achieve any success.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”




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