Achieving financial freedom: 5 tested tips

May 11, 2022

Tips for achieving financial freedom

Achieving financial freedom revolves around having savings, investments, and liquid cash to afford the lifestyle you choose for yourself, as well as life savings to fall back on after retirement.

Unfortunately, too many people struggle to achieve this independence. They are beset by mounting debt, monetary crisis, wasteful spending, and other problems that prevent them from achieving their objectives. Then other unforeseeable calamities like storms, earthquakes, or pandemics throw plans into disarray and reveal previously unseen gaps in their safety nets.

5 tips for achieving financial freedom

Here are 5  tips to help you get back on track or better plan your financial independence.

Always pay your taxes early

To prevent difficulties with the IRS, you must pay your taxes. Unpaid taxes result in a slew of penalties that might wreck your finances. It’s pointless to try to avoid paying taxes since the IRS always finds out. They constantly return to get their money.

Instead of attempting to avoid paying taxes, you should aim to pay them early and get some of the benefits. One of the benefits of early payment is that it qualifies you for larger tax refunds at the end of the year.

Finally, whether you’re filing monthly or quarterly taxes, several online tools are available to assist you. For instance, you can try a quarterly tax calculator to get to know how much you have to contribute.

Always create a budget

The easiest method to ensure that all expenses are paid and savings are secured is to create and stick to a monthly budget. 

It’s also a consistent practice that reinforces your objectives and strengthens your commitment to resist the inclination to overspend. Budgeting also helps you avoid being financially stressed. When you always budget for the month, it gives you a sense of organization and calmer.

With a budget, you’ll rarely go over your appropriation, you’ll always be prepared for unforeseen costs, and fewer expenses will be able to hurt you.

Take good care of yourself

Investing in your health can help you save a lot of money and sustain your financial freedom. You would need to get health insurance and get regular checkups at the hospital. It may also require lifestyle modifications such as getting more exercise and a better diet, which can help prevent many ailments that drain your savings. 

Investing in health also helps reduce your health insurance premium because insurance costs soar when you have obesity and diseases. Finally, having bad health may sometimes necessitate an earlier retirement, which will greatly affect or reduce your savings.

Plan off your debts

Paying off debt as soon as possible is an excellent way to improve your finances. Having debt today will only burden you in the future and hinder you from attaining financial independence, so make debt repayment a top priority.

Several strategies have been developed to help with debt repayment, like the snowball method, which suggests that you pay your debt from the lowest to the highest. Another debt repayment strategy is the avalanche approach which is the same as the snowball method but differs because it is arranged based on interest amounts.

Experiment with different repayment strategies to determine what works best for you and your budget. Aside from drafting a debt repayment plan, search for methods to cut costs and put those savings toward paying down your debt. This may imply limiting enjoyment and dining out less frequently, which is a small price for financial security.

Getting a better-paying job or finding a way to increase income is another option to speed up your debt repayment. You then put all the extra cash into funding your debt repayment strategy.

Property maintenance

Everything from vehicles and machinery to clothes and accessories lasts much longer when properly maintained.  Maintenance is an investment that should not be overlooked because it is a fraction of the replacement cost.


The most important thing to remember when it comes to achieving financial freedom is that the earlier you start the better it is. Take your time to make a sound financial plan that you can follow over the long term. Maybe you will need to make a couple of sacrifices now but without any doubt, it will pay off in the future.

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