6 Useful Apps to HELP Your Small Business GROW

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Software development has gone through some incredible discoveries in the last few years. The need for speedy growth, made the business world even more dependable on software. Management teams around the globe increase their work life quality, thanks to the development of numerous business apps.

Business apps revolutionized the way companies work.

Business organisation apps will make your company evolve into a more organised business entity. It was not long ago, when business owners realised how much business applications impact their development.
They abandoned yesterday’s methods, and acknowledged that, present business applications offer more potential for business growth. There are many ways to improve your growth using business apps such as, increased productivity, gathering better info for employee performance, better team communication and more.

So, if you want to know which one suits you the most, we’ve compiled a list of the best apps for small business owners, like yourself, to choose from, and make their business more profitable.

Useful Business Apps to Help You Run Your Small Business Better

Best Business App for Assignments – Asana

As the business grows, and the team gets bigger, the number of tasks will keep increasing. If you assign them by email, you may overwhelm your staff with too much information and make it easy for them to miss something important.

For that reason, Asana was created. One of the best business organization apps on the market. With this application task assignment will become easier. Also, you can track which task is being worked on at the moment, and which ones are finished.

Additionally, your employees will be more organised with their time-management, and can manifest their creativity better. Moreover, you can also create boards where employees share their ideas on how to improve a product/service.
There won’t be any need to send emails with comments if something needs to be done differently, as you can always add a direct comment with instruction. Your employee will get a notification and adjust instantly.

Asana can help you create a better plan for future projects. You can visualise the whole process towards a goal. Also, it will significantly increase efficiency in communication and sharing of information.

Best Safe Application to Contact Clients – Burner

Clients communication is very important for any company. However, when they call you back in your off-hours its can create unpleasantness. For that reason Burner, offers you that solution. Thanks to this application, you can call your customers without showing your personal number. Also, if you want your contact information to be shown, Burner will allow that to happen.
In essence, Burner creates local area numbers that can also be used for communication in your company. You can do everything – text, make calls and receive voice mails.

Best Apps for Employee Communication – Slack

Even though we said Asana is useful for communication, the best app for direct employee communication is Slack. If you grow and have multiple teams, keeping communication between them can become difficult. However, Slack makes things easier. You can efficiently micro-manage communications with your employees and speak with them directly. Also, you can observe the conversations in the firm and solve tricky situations with ease.

Best Application to Keep You Focused – Escape

Escape is an application that is simple to use, and helps you keep track how many times your employees and yourself, opened social media, and other distracting content. Each day, you will receive a detailed report on how much time is spent working, and how much time is wasted on non-work activities.

Furthermore, you can ban all those applications and websites to not disturb the work flow. Therefore, Escape is the perfect tool if you want to make your employees more productive and efficient.

Best App to Keep You Updated – Pocket

Sometimes there will be so much work, that you won’t have any time to read the news. And, keeping updated with the news is very important, if you want to grow as a person and entrepreneur.
For that reason, Pocket helps you save important news to read for later. Moreover, you can add videos or any other format that is available on the internet. Pocket is user-friendly and free. Articles will be easily stored and easy to access, regardless of your location. You can use Pocket on any device whether tablet, phone or computer.

Best App to Store Information – DropBox, Google Drive or One Drive

DropBox is the most popular among all applications for small businesses. It is popular because it offers services suitable for small businesses. Even though competitors are cheaper (Google Drive and One Drive), DropBox provides the fastest synchronisation to the internet. However, depending on your needs, you can choose other cloud services.
For instance, if you want to use the best free cloud service plan, then Google Drive is your choice.

Alternatively, you can choose One Drive if you want a better file sharing layout. In the end, if you want more security with your files and have more sensitive information, DropBox offers more protection than any other.

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