B2B Explained – Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know

Jul 24, 2019

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B2B? You hear all the time – on the news, conferences, the government speaks about it, yet you feel nervous and don’t know what it means. The business world is vast and full of terms you’ve never heard before. We did speak about business acronyms before, but we wanted to explain the one we deem most important – B2B. We are a B2B platform, after all! In this article, we will explain B2B meaning and everything that can help you better understand the value of our platform.


B2B also known as business to business explains the transaction between two businesses usually involving a wholesaler and manufacturer, or a retailer and wholesaler. There are also B2C which means the collaboration is between a business and a customer, and B2G is called when the collaboration is between a business and government.​


B2B involves the transaction when one company buys components and products such as raw materials from other companies so they can use them in manufacturing. Afterwards, the finished product is sold to other businesses or customers. The most common example of B2B can be found in the motor industry. Vehicle manufacturers buy their components from other manufacturers and later assemble them into automobiles. Batteries, electronics, hoses, door locks, tires and more are all bought through B2B transactions. 

B2B Communication

In 2019, B2B is becoming more and more popular. Until now, businesses connected to each other through social media, emails or business directory. However, Enterprise league changed the game regarding business to business communication. We’ve built a B2B platform that allows easy communication and connection with other companies. Simply, find a company that you deem worthy, connect with them and use our B2B communication solution to  reach out. It is a secure, stable and fast messenger that companies will find more than useful! 

B2B Marketing

Directories are ways of the past while using social media for marketing has become too expensive, especially for small and medium businesses. That’s why using Enterprise League will expand your reach and everything will be in your hands. Just by having a profile on our platform you’ll be getting free B2B marketing such as SEO value, brand awareness or organic referrals.

B2B Lead Generation

If you have a hard time finding new clients and new B2B opportunities, you’ve arrived at the right place. Like we’ve mentioned before in this article, we are the platform that will change B2B forever. Whether looking for a specific supplier or you want to sell your products or services to other on Enterprise League is the ideal B2B lead generation platform that can help you accomplish your goals and expand your business to new markets you never imagined possible! Just create a profile, use our search option and connect to other businesses.

You now possess all the basic knowledge needed to enter this brand new world and conduct your first B2B sales. The future of business is with B2B and Enterprise League is here to open the doors to every small and medium company around the world. Together we will make business great again! If you want to expand your business and find new opportunities like no other click here and change your business forever!

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