Find the best B2B marketplace to grow your small business

July 20, 2021

B2B marketplaces that can help your small business grow

A B2B marketplace was a simple forum for individuals and businesses to connect a long time ago, but B2B marketplaces play a crucial role in business growth with today’s business needs and opportunities. The fact that the B2B marketplace naturally came into existence, proves its importance once and for all. 

With launching the internet and technology development, apart from other needs, offshoring became a great business solution for many companies around the world. But how do you find the most suitable partner for your business if he is located miles away? Since traveling and blindly looking for your new partner around the globe is not an option, a B2B marketplace naturally became the solution that forever changed the way companies connect.

Benefits of using a B2B marketplace

The most valuable benefit of using the B2B marketplace is the ability to connect with partners globally. By having access to a global B2B marketplace, you are reducing costs for purchasing opportunities and finding new deals.

Furthermore, the fact that you have all potential partners in one place gives you a chance to compare their prices and delivery terms. That way you can be sure to always choose the best possible price for your services or products. 

B2B marketplaces also offer advantageous payment methods, a unified purchasing experience, and software that helps you find the exact product match. That being said, besides being a cheaper solution for finding partners from the comfort of your office, B2B marketplaces are well organized and save you valuable time by selecting only the companies of your interest.

4 proven B2B marketplace with a constant inflow of new business deals

Since we proved the importance of using a B2B marketplace, let’s discuss your next step towards growing your business and that is finding the most suitable platform for your business. Choosing the right one from the large pool of B2B marketplaces nowadays can be devastating and you don’t want to end up in a marketplace where you can get lost between the large database of companies.

That’s why we selected the best B2B marketplaces for small businesses, that can fulfill your realistic expectations, help you find new clients and partners, and achieve your business goal.


Mirakl uniquely handles marketplace software. It offers a back-end for B2C and B2B marketplace transactions, but not a front-end. Instead, it offers APIs and pre-built connectors to help customers develop a front-end experience. It works with Magento Commerce, SAP Commerce Cloud, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, among other enterprise eCommerce platforms. It also includes detailed reporting, product management, data streamlining tools, and operator and seller monitoring.

Andrew Chornyy, Ideologist and CEO of Plerdy

Enterprise League

A B2B marketplace that is affordable for every small and medium business, no matter what their budget is. On Enterprise League, you can join completely for free, but there are also paid membership plans for those who want to grow faster.

Every company has its profile that appears on Search Engine Results Pages, and every company can publish or bid on already published deals in DealZone. The fact that it’s easy to use, budget-friendly and it has resources to help you get the most out of your deals, makes Enterprise League one of the best B2B marketplaces for small businesses.


Spryker lets its current B2B and B2C eCommerce licensees expand into marketplaces with its PaaS marketplace solution. You can still use the platform even if you don’t have a Spryker web store. Spryker’s marketplace platform includes basic onboarding and product management tools, as well as a headless architecture that allows for greater front-end customization. It facilitates bidding and auction business models and allows several vendors to sell the same UPC-coded product. Unified omnichannel commerce is also supported by the platform.

Lee Grant, CEO at Wrangu

Amazon Business

Amazon Business is the leading B2B marketplace in 2021. The same excellence that Amazon has displayed in all of its marketplaces continues to be illustrated through Amazon Business that allows for next-day deliveries. Moreover, the marketplace also easily integrates with AWS for better functionality as a merchant.

Katherine Brown, Founder & Marketing Director at Spyic


B2B marketplaces rapidly change the way B2B businesses generate revenue and connect, so if you want to stay competitive, adjusting to new trends and business solutions is imperative. The crucial things you need to do are streamline your bid writing process and constantly publish deals to speed up your business growth.

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