Leveraging B2B tenders to grow your business

June 05, 2020


B2B tenders are a convenient way for small and medium businesses to grow and expand their network. They open doors to new markets and breed new business opportunities.

But what is a B2B tender? According to InvestopediaA tender is an invitation to bid for a project or accept a formal offer such as a takeover bid.

It’s fair to say tenders are mostly used by government bodies to invite third parties to bid for projects that must be done within a certain time and budget. However, there are also private sector tenders in which case business organizations ask for the services of other companies. These are quite handy for small businesses lacking the resources to bid for large governmental projects.

The power of online tenders

Online tenders have been rapidly growing in popularity, particularly during the pandemic when social distancing became the new normal.

But despite the market need of online tenders, except for some UK-based websites, there aren’t many places on the internet where SMEs from around the world can find active private tenders.

Where to find online tenders?

We decided to change that and make online tenders more accessible than ever. Inside the Enterprise League platform there’s a special section called DealZone where every company can publish a buy or sell tender, listing all criteria required for the project in question. Likewise, every interested company can bid their best offer.

With companies from over 80 countries and even more industries, there’s a huge diversity of B2B tenders catering to the needs of all small and medium businesses. There are filters you can use to find business tenders that match your area of expertise and operational capabilities.

All you need is a company profile on the platform and you can start bidding right away. We’re aware SMEs often have constricted budgets so you can join Enterprise League for free.

How to get tenders successfully

Now that you’ve become a member of Enterprise League first thing you should do is complete your profile information to boost credibility. Our data shows that company profiles that lack information have 78% less chances to win a business tender from DealZone. The publishers of the tenders simply don’t trust non-transparent companies.

Then, you need to make sure you bid to tenders that have requirements in line with your business capacity. Don’t even bid to B2B tenders that you can’t execute and deliver. Lying will only get you so far and they ruin your reputation for good.

In order to make sure your bid is a successful winner read through the tender requirements carefully. Propolsals should be clear, truthful and contain concise information. Any supporting documents you may have will increase the chances to get the tender.

Publish your own tenders online

On Enterprise League companies not only get the chance to bid to tenders, but they can also publish their own. B2B tenders are the perfect way to find reliable business partners and work together on a project, whether long-term or short.

Whether you need a clothing manufacturer or an agency to handle your social media, the most time and cost- effective way to find them is to publish a tender with all your specific requirements, deadlines and goals. Attach any documents that would be of help to bidders.

Furthermore, to make your selection process easier, you can put screening questions that all bidders must answer. This way, you’ll gain a better understanding of their offers.


The bottom line is that B2B tenders can be big contributors to your business development. Collaborating with other companies will give you an advantage before your competitors. Instead of endlessly scrolling through Google to find leads, maximise your efficiency by bidding to and publishing online tenders on Enterprise League.

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