30 ethical fashion brands to shop from in 2020

July 23, 2020

Most ethical clothing brands to shop

Have you been trying to change your shopping habits and looking for the best ethical fashion brands in the world? Good news, you’ve landed in the right place.

Tired of seeing consumerism, fast fashion, and mass production hurting our nature and society we set on a mission to find the best sustainable brands in the fashion industry. Each brand on the list has been carefully inspected, evaluating different factors. 

As a result, many companies from our preliminary list were simply cut off. Their statements for environmental and social responsibility were only words, and their practices showed another, dirtier side of the coin.

The future of our livelihoods and Earth depends hugely on our shopping habits. That’s why today is a good day to start changing them.

Here’s a list of the 30 most ethical clothing brands worldwide



Delivery: International

Products: Women’s, men’s & kids’ footwear

“Preventing tires from polluting the environment.”

Since 2009, Indosole have repurposed tires that are about to end in Indonesian landfills into durable soles for modern footwear. Their flip flops and slides have minimalist, clean design suitable for men and women of all ages.
In fact, their responsibly made footwear with comfy, airy design will have you covered for many summers ahead.


HQ: Spain

Delivery: Europe

Products: Accessories, bags, hats

“Promoting sustainable fashion in Europe while promoting Nepal’s socio-economic development.”

Carrying out the entire production process in Nepal with the aim to promote the economic and social development of the country. From the tiniest hemp fibre to the talented hands of the craftsmen and women creating the backpacks – Hemper makes sure that everything is local.

Besides being socially responsible, they’re also environmentally sustainable.

Pala Eyewear


Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Eyewear

“For every pair of sunglasses sold, we give back to eye-care programmes in Africa.”

Pala Eyewear is living proof that a brand can be modern, successful and ethical at the same time:

  •  The stylish design of their sunglasses and use of bio-acetate (plastic free) or recycled frames; 
  • The cases are handcrafted by weaving communities using wasted plastic; 
  • For every pair of sunglasses sold, they give back to those in need of eye-care in Africa;
  • Working towards achieving carbon zero by 2025.


HQ: Canada

Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s & men’s clothing

“Every purchase directly supports the lives of our cotton farmers and their children in Egypt.”

Clean, minimalist cuts for men and women that look after simplicity that lives on forever. Each piece of clothing is made of pure Egyptian cotton that’s soft to touch and light to wear. Your wardrobe should be fully stacked with Kotn knowing that with every purchase you literally help build schools and support families in Egypt.



Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s clothing and accessories

“Original wardrobe staples that are ethical, sustainable and made by talented women paid a fair wage.”

For those after statement pieces that do not only look good but speak loud as well, Birdsong is the brand! They promote diversity, fair wage, social equality; use second-hand, organic, and natural materials that have lesser negative impact on the environment.



Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s clothing and accessories

“Reducing waste generated by larger factories and change the way business is done in the fashion industry.”

Tonle shows that eating the leftover is not a bad thing. They use scrap waste from mass clothing manufacturers to design and create stylish clothing and accessories. This way, they’re saving the planet from thousands of tons of fabrics that are about to end up in landfills.

Fanfare Label


Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s clothing and accessories

“Conscious clothing needs to be modern, we want to look good without comprising our ethics.”

For women who want to wear ageless clothes designed with ethics and style in mind, Fanfare Label is the brand to go to. They’re all about repurposing, recycling and redesigning wastage. Plus, every piece is produced in the UK by workers who get fair wage.

What’s best is that they actively fight against slavery in supply chain and plastic pollution. So small wonder they were a finalist in Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2020.

Jules & Jenn

HQ: France

Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s and men’s shoes and accessories

A fashion brand in the slow fashion universe, which militates in favor of moderate and more reasonable consumption.”

Don’t French just do everything better? Even upcycling is chic and fashionable when done in France. Julien and Jennifer, the founders of the brand, have put their immense professional experience, love for local artisans, appreciation for the world, and passion for small fashion all together. 

Although their website is in French, Google Translate can help you understand all you need to buy your favourite pair of ethical shoes.

Sheep Included


Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s and men’s clothing

“The knitwear we make feels good. It does good, too.”

With Sheep Included you’re not wearing a sweater, you’re wearing an entire story. From the sheep stations, to the environmental projects they invest into – everything is set to heal the Earth while keeping you warm and stylish.

Edzard and Michael, the founders or the brand, have paved a new way that sets new standards for the entire fashion industry and consumers.

The Good Tee

HQ: Canada

Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing

“Support cotton farmers and humanize the apparel industry.”

Every link of The Good Tee’s supply chain is forged with social and environmental sustainability in mind. The fact that they’ve stayed and thrived on the market for more than 10 years speaks volumes about their quality.

Their purified designs will make your everyday outfits more expressive than ever. It’s all about leaving an impression without leaving a heavy footprint.


HQ: Spain

Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s, men’s and kids’ eyewear

“We create pieces that are eco-friendly, social and radical in its design.”

Who would’ve thought that plastic bottles and tires make such fancy eyewear! 

Rumor has it that people wearing Parafina’s glasses started to see the environmental issues more clearly.

Whether you’re after sunglasses or reading glasses, this is the place to shop. Because you’ll not only be helping your eyes, but the world as well.



Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s swimwear and gym wear

“Every single piece of clothing we sell saves turtles, seals, and dolphins.

Every single purchase empowers at least one woman.

Every single item sold changes a life for good.”

RubyMoon is a British brand with a mission to help clean the oceans, and emancipate women around the globe. With these goals in mind, they design and produce sustainable swimwear and activewear that feels and looks incredible.

Norden Project

HQ: Canada

Delivery: US, Canada + others

Products: Women’s, men’s clothing

“Proving that sustainable fashion doesn’t have compromise style or functionality.”

Norden Project is a certified B corporation which means their entire manufacturing process is transparent and traceable. 

They design high quality outwear that is affordable, ethical and eco-friendly at the same time. On top of that, their designs are also stylish in a way that doesn’t serve temporary trends. As Canadians, they know all about keeping you warm when the temperatures drop without messing up your outfit.

Save the Duck

HQ: Italy

Delivery: Europe

Products: Women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing

“Sustainable development belongs to our everyday lives.”

Italy’s first B Corp, Save the Duck is a brand that cares deeply about animals, people and nature. Thus, 1% of their yearly income goes to charities supporting them.

Their stylishly designed clothing is far from the Ugly Duckling. Instead, each of their collections is an embodiment of contemporary aesthetics meeting timelessness. So if you’re the sporty type with an eye for fashion, this is your bus stop.


HQ: Bali

Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s clothing

“Handcrafted from the softest voiles and crepes by local textile artisans.”

Coming from the wondrous Bali, Beachgold is a fashion brand that won’t sacrifice ethics for bigger profits. Their operations are deeply rooted in environmental and social sustainability. As a result, their women’s clothing line radiates with conscious and relaxed energy.

The cuts, the colours, the prints… they all have one thing in common: femininity.


HQ: France

Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s, men’s and kids’ shoes

“Sneakers with greater economic justice, without any advertising or marketing expenses.”

Another fashion industry disruptor from France that won’t care for old values that harm the planet and humans’ lives. Here trends are brought to life using eco materials and without exploiting the workforce. 

Whether you want a pair of sneakers with an evergreen design or want to bring a pop of colour in your wardrobe, VEJA is the place to shop.

All the Wild Roses

HQ: Australia

Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s clothing

“Our story started with a small idea, a small dream – now we continue to dream bigger.”

Every piece of clothing coming out of All the Wild Roses is as dreamy and mesmerizing as Nick Cave’s Where the Wild Roses Grow. This is a brand that captivates with its vintage vibes and slow pace.

Inspired by the founder’s first visit to her native Vietnam, the brand has become a synonym for ethical business.


HQ: New Zealand

Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s & men’s bags & accessories

“With your help we support talented craftsmen and women in Bali, empower local communities, plant trees to restore biodiversity and wildlife populations, and offset our emissions by 120%.”

Duffle&Co is a safe haven for the lovers of beautiful bags who have developed a conscience for social justice and equality. They use traditional leather craftsmanship skills and hand make all of their bags and accessories. You won’t find any mass production here! Moreover, they sided with the environmentally conscious too.


HQ: Switzerland

Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s and men’s footwear

“Authentic to the past. Responsible to the future.”

If you’re looking for fashionable footwear made of wool that entwine tradition and innovation, then you should check BAABUK’s collection. 

Inspired by traditional Russian felted footwear, BAABUK’s story began almost two decades ago. Throughout their entire journey they’ve kept their eyes fixed on making a socio-economic impact.

Oh, and their super-warm footwear can keep your feet comfortable even if you’re walking in the polar circle.

Between the Sheets


Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s underwear

“Explore the nexus of style and comfort at home.”

Between the Sheets takes pride of having the entire production in the USA because it’s their mission to support American manufacturers and craftsmen. But there are other aspects they’re proud of too: eco-friendly packaging, recycling scraps, donating to NGOs planting trees and more.

So if you support their values and also have an eye for good-looking loungewear, lingerie, robes, and pajamas, head to their website.


HQ: Spain

Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing, footwear and accessories

“Because there is no planet B.”

Although a big portion of their collection is made of organic cotton, they prefer working with recycled materials because their negative impact is smaller. As of 3 years ago, they also don’t use animal based materials.

Ecoalf have a miscellaneous offer of products, making them perfect for family shopping. Their designs are a combination of modern cuts and timeless aesthetics.


HQ: Germany

Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s and men’s footwear and accessories

“Transparently fair and traditionally sustainable.”

Crafted by the hands of talented Mexican artisans, CANO’s footwear is unlike anything else you’ve seen in the nearby shopping mall. Breathing and living the Mexican tradition in an environmentally sustainable way.

Freshen up your wardrobe and do something good for the planet and humankind today – buy a pair of beautiful shoes from CANO.


HQ: France

Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s clothing

“From natural materials, used in a sustainable way and respecting those who make them, we create garments which are beautiful and pleasant to wear.”

French women are known for their sublime, effortless, and chic style. And so is this ethical french fashion brand EKYOG. They’ve kept their promise to be an eco-friendly brand for almost two decades now.


HQ: Italy

Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s and men’s clothing

“The first Italian sustainable fashion brand.”

With innovation and ethics deeply rooted in their foundations, RE-BELLO is set to become one of Europe’s leading sustainable  fashion brands. They source materials that don’t harm the environment or people’s livelihoods. Add the modern, trendy aesthetics they nourish to the equation and you get a collection of irresistible designs.

Par.co Denim

HQ: Italy

Delivery: Europe

Products: Women’s and men’s clothing

“Make quality jeans leaving the least possible impact on the planet.”

When was the last time you’ve worn a decent pair of jeans? Maybe it’s time to try putting on a pair designed by Par.co Denim and feel cool again.

One of the most popular clothing pieces has undergone a sustainable transformation but hasn’t lost on appeal. Since 2014 Parimbelli cousins have made it their mission to conquer the global market with denim that’s ethical from the top to bottom – be it material suppliers or sell points.


HQ: Australia

Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s and men’s activewear

“Performance Wear for the Planet.”

Designed with the modern cyclist in mind, OORR’s cycling apparel is setting up new standards. It’s one thing to make sophisticated, high-quality activewear, and entirely another to achieve that in a way that has no negative impact on nature or society.

Their secret? Using a natural coffee bean extract combined with recycled plastic.

WeWOOD Watches

HQ: Italy

Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Watches

“Combines the Italian ability to design unique objects with the need for greater care and attention to our planet.”

Another Italian brand that has proven that fashion can be ethical and good looking at the same time. Inspired by the mesmerizing Tuscan landscape, every watch is an ode to Florence.

WeWood use reclaimed and recycled wood with no toxins whatsoever, and on top of that, for every watch sold they plant a tree.

Solmate Socks


Delivery: US & Canada

Products: Women’s, men’s and kids’ hosiery

“Life’s too short for matching socks.”

Who would’ve thought that wearing socks can be so fun and good for the environment. Since the beginning of the new Millennium, Solmate Socks have kept millions of feet warmer and cooler, and the Earth healthier.

Each mismatched pair is knit from pre-consumer, recycled cotton yarn. And each pair carries the message of social and environmental responsibility.



Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s, men’s and kids’ loungewear

“Sewn with hope and love.”

Every time you buy pajamas, robes or loungewear from Sudara, you support living-wage employment and skills training for women in India who are at a high risk or survivors of sex trafficking. 

Just like so many other great things in this world, Sudara’s story began when their founder returned from a trip to India. Today they’re as passionate about making a change for the better as they were at the beginning.

Raven + Lily


Delivery: Worldwide

Products: Women’s clothing and accessories

“As pioneers of the sustainable movement, we favor longevity over fleeting trends.”

If we start listing all the ways Raven + Lily have contributed to the wellbeing of nature and society, we’ll end up writing an entire article. This Texas-based brand is a B corp with a sharp sense for female fashion.

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