6 best startup tools that can help you expand your startup quickly

August 18, 2021

Best startups tools to grow your business

Every business, whether new or already existing, needs help to grow. One of the most effective ways to do this is by carrying out thorough market research and mapping out growth strategies that are specifically tailored to help your business soar.

There are many reasons why you need to expand your startup quickly. Some good reasons could be increasing turnover, acquiring more customers, or even getting a headstart over your competition. Whatever your reason is, you will also need the best startup tools that will help you along the way. 

This article highlights four possible areas for growth that your startup can explore and six practical tools that can help you kick off any of the growth strategies you focus on. With these strategies and tools for startup in place, consistent growth is assured, and expansion can occur.

The 4 growth strategies for startups

Employing a workable growth strategy can help your startup grow faster. There are four types of growth strategies that every startup should look into if they intend to boost their growth.

Understanding these four growth strategies will help you know the areas that can be improved on in the business and which tools you will need to work with to begin to expand.

Market penetration

Market penetration is simply increasing the sales of your products in already existing markets. By doing this, you increase your market share and can start to claim in the industry. 

Market penetration will help you draw more clients or customers from your competition and to your products. It will also mean that your existing customers buy more of your products or buy more often. 

Some common ways to carry out this strategy are by decreasing your product price or boosting promotion and distribution strategies.

Market development

Market development is another growth strategy that focuses on increasing your products and services sales in markets that you have not previously explored. It is also known as expanding your reach to new markets.

For this to be possible, you must first analyze the market to see how best your products can be sold there. A few ideas for market development include pushing products to a different location in a city or country or selling to different segments of customers.

Product development

This is simply launching new products or services on existing markets for existing customers. So, conduct market research to see what products or services your customer base is looking for or what they need and then produce them for sale to increase turnover.

Product development can occur in different ways, including acquiring the rights to produce someone’s products, buying and branding the product, creating a new product from scratch.


Not to be confused with market development, diversification is launching new products or services in new markets. This is the trickiest of all types of expansions or growth strategies because it involves marketing new products in completely uncharted waters. 

It requires serious market research using the right market research tools. This leads us to discuss tools that will help you make the most of the above-listed growth strategies for your startup business.

The best startup tools you must know to expand your startup

Here are six practical tools that help launch, develop, and market your products and services for faster growth.


Market research is one essential part of every launch that helps you make decisions based on real data and not guesswork. As such, you need to use the best startup tools to ensure accuracy in results and feedback. Attest is one of such exceptional market research tools.

It helps you get access to brand and market insights in an instant. You can carry out all kinds of market research on the platform, from serious market-competitor analysis to quick checks. In addition, it provides intuitive and actionable data about consumer research that helps you understand the market better.

Attest helps you understand how you can get a share of the market and win over existing competitors in new locations and markets. It provides the difference between consumers in different localities to spot opportunities and avoid impending risks. 

Attest provides market survey templates that you can customize or use as is to carry out your surveys as quickly as possible. Attest market surveys allow you to ask customers anything you want, track key metrics and analyze and share the results with your team. 

To use Attest, you can get started and sign-up for free. It also has paid options for professional and enterprise use. The Professional plan starts at $1.600 per month, but the Enterprise plan can be customized to fit your organization.

Product Hunt

After conducting thorough market research and you’re ready to launch your product, you need a good launching pad like Product Hunt. 

Product Hunt is one of the free startup tools for startups looking to launch their products. It allows you to showcase your products to its community of product-loving members who share, discuss and test run the products alongside other new products, websites, and mobile apps.

Product Hunt helps you launch your product or even your startup without any hassle and provides a platform for its users to vote and recommend your product. Product Hunt gives you the platform to push your digital product, which in turn promotes it.

Product Hunt essentially helps startups put their names out on the market so that potential customers and clients can start to get familiar with the products and offerings.

Signing up to use the platform is free.


After launching your product, aggressively marketing on various channels including social media marketing should be on your agenda. Hootsuite is one of the best startup tools that can help with this. 

Hootsuite allows you to schedule up to 30 posts (on the free plan) that you can send out on different social media channels to market your products. You can manage all your social media accounts right from the app, helping you to save more time. 

On Hootsuite, you can see all your auto-scheduled posts in a calendar view, so you know what campaign or post is in line to be posted. You can access your social posts right from the app so that posting is regular and quicker. 

Consistent posting helps you grow your follower base continuously, which you can use to generate quality leads. As long as the products and offerings that you market align with your followers’ needs, you will have converted leads.

Hootsuite also allows you to respond quickly to customers’ comments and mentions via its integrated comments section. You have one inbox that houses all social network comments in one thread, so you never miss a thing. 

Hootsuite also allows you to collaborate as a team so that every member of the marketing team is carried along for better efficiency. Hootsuite pricing ranges between four groups: Individual (Free), Professional ($19/month), Team ($99/month) Business ($599/month.)


Aside from social media marketing, email marketing is another well-explored channel that many businesses employ. Mailchimp is one of the most-loved best startup tools for this purpose. 

Although the primary purpose of Mailchimp is to help you deliver emails into the inbox of thousands of customers and potential customers, it offers more services than that. 

It allows you to create personalized emails that you can automate and share at different points in the customers’ purchase journey. It even provides design tools that help you market your product better to attract more clients. 

Mailchimp provides other commerce tools to help improve your customers’ shopping experience; it’s the all-in-one marketing tool!

Mailchimp has a free plan and also three categories for paid customers: Essentials, Standard, and Premium. Prices start at $9.99 per month.


In marketing your products to your customers, sometimes it may become challenging for them to choose. If you offer similar products to your consumers, not knowing which product to choose can leave them in the valley of indecision. 

An undecided customer may eventually not make any purchase. A comparison chart is necessary here. Piktochart Comparison Chart Maker is a free startup tool and your go-to comparison chart maker that allows you to create comparisons between different ideas simply and quickly.

It helps you provide your customers with the basic idea behind various concepts, products, or services so that they can make better decisions based on accurate information. 

Piktochart Comparison Chart Maker comes with different templates that you can customize to suit the present need and re-customize again for different products. It is easy-to-use and laden with numerous visually appealing designs to help you connect with your audience. 

Piktochart Comparison Chart Maker is free to use. 


This is the super-intuitive online graphic design tool that needs no introduction. It is the go-to tool for professional-looking designs that startups use to showcase their products and offerings.

Canva, one of the most used free startup tools has countless customizable templates for a diverse range of necessities, including social media designs, campaigns, flyers, and other graphics. It has graphics for all types of social media channels; it has over a million images for your use, hundreds of fonts, and thousands of icons you can’t possibly exhaust.

Canva is easy-to-use and requires no prior skills in graphics design. It’s free to use, and you can start designing right away!


This article explains the four ways you can grow and expand quickly as a startup and the six best startup tools that can help you accomplish the strategies listed. Use the tips and tools highlighted to your benefit and watch your startup rapidly grow to its full potential. 

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