What Business Casual Dress Code Really Means?

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Dressing up for work can be a hassle.

It all depends on the style of clothing the company you work practices. Who wouldn’t like to wear a t-shirt or a hoodie while at work? Some companies are clothing friendly, but the business world, it is another story.

It is all about the business casual appeal.

What Is Business Casual?

There are many definitions of what business casual means. Usually, those definitions confuse many people. Every company has its own interpretation. Not only that but also every city and country in the world has its own business casual dress code. They are similar, yet different. However, there is a basic draft on how a business casual attire should look like.

A suit, a skirt, a shirt, a watch, a tie and shoes.

Yes, it is time to suit up!

What Business Casual Means for Women?

A businesswoman appeal shows elegance, intelligence and sophistication.

Generally, they combine their business casual attire. For instance, women dress up with a blouse skirt combo or twinset with a dress. Optionally, they add hosiery together with shoes without shoe opening (even the queen doesn’t like it!). On the other hand, some companies do allow peep-toe shoes, but that rarely happens in the business world.

A businesswoman should have the following clothes in her closet: classic shirt, normal and conservative skirts, sweaters, twinsets, trousers and a smart dress. Choosing solid colours are preferred in the business world over the rest of the colour palette.


“Classic shirt, normal and conservative skirts, sweaters, twinsets, trousers and a smart dress.”

What Business Casual Means for Men?

A male business professional attire should consist of a suit, shirt, dark shoes and socks – the classic combo. Even though polo shirts go with some business casual outfit ideas, they are not the preferred choice when going to an interview or meeting a client.

Avoid wearing jeans and shorts that do not show your professional level. A business casual attire for males should be made from cotton shirts, sweaters, leather shoes and belt (darker colours such as black and brown), classic and modern suit(darker tones are mostly chosen, lighter tones do not represent a business look), and a plethora of ties to pick from.

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