5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Improve Their Personal Health and Wellbeing

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Improve Their Personal Health and Wellbeing

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Building a successful business requires a lot of hard work and determination. As an owner and a manager you need to be an example to other employees by working long hours, pushing yourself to the limits. However, is that really a healthy lifestyle? I would guess no, right?

You are putting your business in danger with not prioritising your health. Many healthy entrepreneurs have found a way to be successful while keeping their personal health and wellbeing in check.

If you want to make a change and work on improving personal health and wellbeing, you’ve arrived at the right place. Here are a couple of tips to help you achieve a healthy body!


Sounds familiar? How many times has your doctor advised you should exercise at least 3 times per week? If you have only listened to your doctor, then you would have been already familiar with the benefits of physical activity and won’t be reading this. Yet, your schedule has been so full, you had no choice but to ignore his advice. Wrong!

Lack of physical activity will bite you sooner or later, both mentally and physically. So make the time, shift your priorities and put your health first!

Do you know Elon Musk? Of course, you know him! He has the best habits that make a successful entrepreneur. In his weekly 100 hours work schedule, he finds at least 3 hours to run on the treadmill or lift weights in his office. That’s the perfect example of how to run a successful business and still find time for exercise. No excuses, you hear me?

Healthy Diet

I bet you know this one as well. However, I am pretty sure you just snacked something full of saturated fats. Did you know that even the smallest changes in your diet can make a big difference? For instance, giving up on sugar-based beverages and replacing them with water is the best way to lose weight? Plus, you will feel more energised and can work more!

Oh, forget about McDonald’s and KFC. They are not even cool anymore. From now on, you will swear by veggies and fruits, and eat whole grain bread. No more white bread for you! Moreover, consuming foods that are rich with fibre will make your metabolism faster.

These changes in your daily menu will prove you how lifestyle choices affect personal health and wellbeing. Giving the right fuel to your body will help unleash the full capacity of your mental and physical capacity, making you a better entrepreneur.

Take Breaks More Often 

Look, I know how much your business means to you. But, you are not helping it by jeopardising your health. That’s why taking more breaks are required if you want to reach your goals. Find the time to regenerate your body and soul. If you don’t take a break, you will lose your mind. Three days to a week are needed to regenerate a manager. If you feel tired, give yourself one more week. Or, to avoid extended vacations, take more breaks at work, and a couple of days off regularly. Never stay in the office for more than six hours, and try to eat launch outside. A little fresh air can calm the nerves.

Work out a Routine That Works


You already have a schedule, but is it synchronised and coherent with your needs and biorhythm? It might be suited for your managerial team, but if it only tires you and lowers your productivity, what’s the point of it? Sit down and work out a routine that works best for you. When the day is mapped out specifically to your requirements everything will seem more straightforward. Completing tasks and having meetings will be easier than you thought. And you will be surprised that you free time still existed and you no longer will have an excuse to neglect your family or your hobby.​

Find Mechanisms to Manage Your Stress

Well, you cannot avoid stress. But unfortunately, stress is the main factor for psychological as well as physical problems, so you need to find a way to manage it. How? We come back to exercise once again. Half an hour a day spent in jogging, lifting or even walking increases the production of serotonin, which ultimately lowers stress levels. Also, if training does not help, try meditation, or you can always look for professional guidance. Nothing to be ashamed off, every prominent entrepreneur has its own shrink. Together you will get to the bottom of your problems and find mechanisms to combat your issues. 
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How to Connect with Clients on a Personal Level

How to Connect with Clients on a Personal Level

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Keeping your customers happy is the best thing you could do if you want your business to have a future. Satisfied clients create a loyal customer base and in order to get there, it is imperative that you establish a personal connection with them. 

Connecting with customers on a level that goes beyond frigid money-goods exchange is not easy but very fruitful in the long term. People tend to be more honest when they feel a genuine connection with someone. Once you’ve succeeded to connect with clients, you can use their feedback as a source of creative ideas to help you develop better and more forward-thinking products. This kind of personal connection gives you a deeper understanding of the problem, hence finding an appropriate solution for it becomes easier. 

If you struggle connecting with customers you’ve arrived in the right place. In this article, we will show you five effective ways how to make a personal connection with customers.

Don’t Use the Same Approach

One of the most useful and effective customer connection ideas is to treat everyone as individuals, learn what their specific characteristics and needs are, and start building your relationship from there. This way they will feel special and appreciated, and not just part of a massive group. If you approach them as a group, their defensive shield will be up in a second. Of course, this takes time and patience, but it’s all worth it.

Address Their Concerns

Don’t respond to positive reviews only. For instance, when a customer gives you a negative review contact them and try to resolve it as soon as possible. Ask them about their troubles and if there’s a way to compensate them. Show them that you truly care. Critics’ opinion is often more beneficial for the course of your production and operation. This positive approach is bound to touch them, and spark trust and respect for your company.

Keep Things Personal

Like we said before, being more personal with clients creates a bond that cannot be broken so easily. When both parties understand each other, any problem that might arise could be solved quicker and more efficiently. That’s why you should always play with open cards and listen to what they have to say. 

Choose to speak in a humane language, instead a salesmen one. It’s not rare that a bad response to your services or products was triggered by a private issue that has more to do with them, than with you.

Focus on Face-To-Face Meetings

Sending an email or calling someone is great, but not useful when connecting with customers on a personal level is your goal. Nothing can beat face-to-face meetings. Emotions can only be vaguely expressed with words, and they are better understood by observation. When clients come to your company to express their concerns about certain aspects of the deal you’re about to close, it’s easier to negotiate reading their body language and facial expressions. No email or phone call could ever sound more natural than a tête-à-tête meeting.

Show Them They Matter

As anyone close in your life wants to have supportive friends and family, customers like it as well. They are your financial backing, and it is your responsibility to give them the best possible treatment and experience, no matter the price of the good they’re buying. Always let them know that without their support and loyalty your business would mean nothing. Also, make them feel like they’re in charge and would do anything to keep the collaboration going for many years.


Treat your customers with respect and make them feel special, regardless of their economical power. Listen more and talk less. Take every remark seriously and address the issue immediately. Award their loyalty with small and big gestures and you’ll see them coming back and bringing other people with them. Fail to do so, and you’re business will fail too.
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Creative Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Creative Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Marketing is expensive, especially when you are a startup. When your budget is already limited paying thousands for marketing services, without the guarantee on ROI, can put an end to your business journey before it’s even started.

But what about some affordable and unique marketing ideas? From all the advertising ideas you can get on the internet, guerrilla marketing tactics might be the most suitable when you’re dealing with a limited budget.

To find out more about which guerrilla marketing ideas for startups befit you more than others, keep reading our informative article.

Street Marketing

Remember Bansky and all the fuss he’s created sending political messages for change to the elites through his satirical street art? Sure you do. Everybody in the world has heard about him.

Do you want to send a message to your customers just like he did? First you need to understand the culture in the area and then develop adequate guerrilla advertising ideas to make people notice and start talking about you. It should be something provoking, with a dose of mystery to encourage them to google you to find out more. This is how you’ll see results.

Street marketing is located outdoors and involves actions such as paintings, graffiti, cloth signs and much more. The more creative you are the better! That way you can visually spread a message about your business in public areas and create a significant impact on the broader audience.

Even though in some countries spray-painting the walls of buildings is prohibited by law, taking a risk sometimes is worth it. When people realise the meaning of your message, it will lure them to your shop. Your brand will gain on recognition, thus attracting more customers and profit for your venture.

Ambient Marketing​

Placing an advertisement in an unusual place that you never thought of before is what ambient marketing is all about. Ambient ads can go on both indoors and outdoors areas. The most crucial aspect of ambient guerrilla marketing is to choose the best format and combine it with a well-written message. The main goal of this type of ad is to make the user notice what makes your business or products different than others.

Usually, marketers use ambient marketing for creating small business marketing campaigns. Advertisers take an object and change its size (either larger or smaller). When customers see something that is entirely out of proportion, it piques their curiosity enough for them to visit your store and take a closer look.

Ambush Marketing

To become more successful you need to think outside the box. Marketers did that by finding a way to make use of events happening in a particular area. In a way, companies align their brands with the ongoing event without paying for the right of sponsorship.

Ambush marketing is a pretty new way of guerrilla marketing tactics that offers excellent results. Events attract many people and represent a unique opportunity to advertise your product. Through ambush marketing, the awareness of a brand is raised on a higher level that with a bit of luck and wise use of social media can attract press attention.

Red Bull does it all the time. Even though they are not always the official sponsor for some extreme sport events, you can almost always notice their branded car parked near their stand, offering free drinks to the audience.

Viral Marketing

Last but not least, we have guerrilla projection marketing. One of the most innovative ways to advertise your small businesses. It made many marketing gurus raise their eyebrow and applaud to its creativity. This marketing idea involves using hidden projectors onto famous landmarks/buildings to deliver an original message about their company and generate buzz. And as we said before, social medias platforms can make your small business go viral in a matter of seconds!

Guerrilla Projections

Last but not least, we have guerrilla projection marketing. One of the most innovative ways to advertise your small businesses. It made many marketing gurus raise their eyebrow and applaud to its creativity. This marketing idea involves using hidden projectors onto famous landmarks/buildings to deliver an original message about their company and generate buzz. And as we said before, Instagram and co. can make your small business go viral in a matter of seconds!


So don’t be afraid to be provocative and come up with controversial ideas. Test them, see the results, rinse and repeat. See what works, and what doesn’t. Stay creative and create your own personal guerrilla method, that may change the world of advertising forever.

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10 Rules for Success from Jack Ma

10 Rules for Success from Jack Ma

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Jack Ma, Alibaba CEO, is the second richest man in China. Even though he grew up in an isolated country, in his adulthood, he succeeded to put his name on the map with shiny letters due to his Alibaba success.

His road to greatness accidentally started back in 1996 when he visited the U.S. for the first time. He went there on a mission to recover payment for a Chinese firm, but got introduced to the internet and from here on, everything is history. His first search was “beer” and left him disappointed that no Chinese brand showed in results. It was then and there that he decided to do something about it.

Yet, he failed to do it the first two times. However, he didn’t give up and four years later with the financial help of 17 friends, he brought the mighty Alibaba to life. By 2005 his firm had already made over $25 million, and fast forward to today, he is retiring with around $40 billion in his pockets.

The internet was surely a trigger, but Jack Ma success has come as a result of his own rules. So in order to help you achieve your own dreams and become a winner, we made a list of his most famous 10 rules for success. Listen to Jack Ma advice and build your own empire!

Get Used to Failing

Jack Ma is very familiar with failure. He applied to college 3 times before they accepted him. Even KFC didn’t find him fit. Most people will quit on the first try. Probably that will be the defining moment of their life – they will stop chasing their dreams and move on to something else. Jack Ma is different, he never gives up.

Keep the Dream Going​

Jack Ma secret to success was to keep his dream alive no matter the cost. His favourite fictional character Alibaba inspires his story. In a meeting, he explained the phrase “Keep your dream alive” was the secret keyword that opened the door of success similarity to Alibaba’s story. Now you know why his company’s bares that name.

Company Culture is Key

He started with only 18 young people in his company to arrive to a number of more than 20,000 employees today. The key factor binding them all together is transparency and openness to criticism. They are all treated like family and even have access to interest-free loans for property down payments.

Ignore the Haters

When he developed Alipay, many people were advising him that it was destined to fail. Even some of his closest friends bashed him by telling it was the worst idea ever. He put his ignore cap on and continued his way. If he listened, he wouldn’t have built a secure payment method with over a half billion satisfied users.

Get Motivated from Pop Culture

Jack Ma loves The Godfather, Forrest Gump and The Bodyguard. These are the movies that he watched over and over again as he was a kid. The inspiration came from the actors and how they dealt with delivering their lines. From their acting he realised that when people are showing their real face and speak from the heart, the impact will be powerful. That’s why he motivates others to staying true to themselves.

Say No & Focus, Focus and Only Focus

Jack Ma is bombarded with ideas on a daily basis. He usually answers with no. As the CEO of Alibaba, he thinks if he strays elsewhere for one second from the primary mission of his company, Alibaba will be in trouble. However, if the idea is aligning with Alibaba’s goals and it represents an excellent opportunity to grow, the definite answer would be yes.

Create a Strong Brand Name

Jack Ma choose Alibaba as the name of his company for numerous reasons. One of them, we mentioned before – his favourite fictional character. Another one would be the internet, because a name that is known by many is a plus. Moreover, it begins with the first letter of the alphabet “A”, which means in directories his firm will show on the top of the page.

The Customer Always Comes First

Jack Ma created a revolutionary business philosophy that changed the world forever. The customers comes first, then the employees and last are the shareholders. The customers are the ones to provide revenue for a company, and employees are the main drive of innovation.

Don’t Complain & Keep Eyes Open to Opportunities

Jack Ma believes that people who complain are potential clients. If you offer a solution to a particular problem, you’ve targeted a potential audience of millions. Best Jack Ma advice for young people is to stop complaining and look for answers.

Let Passion Be Your Main Drive

In the beginning, when speaking with his marketing team, he explained to them to create sales pitch not to tackle Chinese websites only, but sites located in the U.S. as well. His passion to grow, has been the factor that lead to his success. He also encourages his employees to have a startup attitude, not a corporate one.


Jack Ma through his experience shows how any entrepreneur around the world can bring their dream into fruition. As an entrepreneur, you can learn from his hard work, philosophies and resilience. If you use them right, your door to success will open sooner than expected.
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Which B2B Lead Generation Strategies Actually Work in 2019?

Which B2B Lead Generation Strategies Actually Work in 2019?

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B2B lead generation represents the best course of action to grow your company. However, lead generation is not as easy a process as many thought. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly pressuring your marketing team to increase lead generation to scale your business fast. They offer you different lead generation methods and strategies that overwhelm you at times. It is no wonder why you take so much time to make a decision! Choosing the right B2B lead generation strategy, requires knowledge, vision and planning.Here is our opinion on some of the more popular B2B lead generation strategies these days.

Email Marketing Strategy

We often stumble upon the same question on the internet asked by entrepreneurs – “Is email marketing dead?”. For some it works wonders, for others, it is a total disaster. The email marketing strategy was most effective back in the early 2010s, where the competition was low and email algorithms looser. As time went by, Google found a way to filter out promotional emails and add them in a separate section. This affects the open rate, which means your emails most often end up unread. Furthermore, If your team is persistent, they will send follow ups and try again. If done too often, it could lead up to even a worse scenario – the spam folder. Other mail providers followed Google and upgraded their algorithm. This action made email marketing a debatable lead generation strategy.

Some statistics show that email marketing still generates massive results, but not as it used to. For instance, an email campaign sent to 1000 potential leads, produces a click ratio around 5% and a response rate under 0.5%. If we compare it with 2009 statistics, when the click ratio was a strong 20% and response rate 12%, we can conclude that email marketing became an obsolete B2B lead generation method. On the bright side, email marketing for some businesses can still work wonders, especially if they are B2C oriented.

SEO & Paid Social Media Advertising Strategies

As part of digital marketing, SEO and social media advertising are an excellent, yet an expensive way to generate leads. All of your marketing consultants will propose these lead generation methods and strategies as the most viable and successful way to generate leads. However, when you see all the expenses and time required for generating results, there is a great certainty that your company cannot take the expenses.

For the SEO lead generation method, you will require a minimum of one year until you get some organic visits to your site, plus thousands of dollars invested in building links. Speaking of expensive, social media advertising adds even a greater burden on your marketing budget. Social media might be the perfect platform to generate leads for business that are B2C oriented. When it comes to B2B lead generation, LinkedIn is possibly the only network to give you positive results.

B2B Lead Generation Software Strategy

What better way to generate B2B leads than to use a B2B lead generation software? Enterprise League developed a specialised platform to help small and medium businesses to generate new leads and expand their businesses to all corners of the world. 

The search console of the platform  is easy to use – just enter your preferred keyword, industry, location and sector and the results will show all the companies that match the criteria. Whether looking or offering products or services, tender is the ideal option to reach out to all the users on our platform. Input your requirements and in no time companies will connect and make the first contact of a successful and long-term business partnership.

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Should Traditional Distributors Transform into E-Commerce Companies?

Should Traditional Distributors Transform into E-Commerce Companies?

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The last decade e-commerce companies have taken over the business world. Traditional distributor companies can see how their industry is drastically changing and that the value they once offered is no longer competitive. Today there is a drastic shift in the way wholesalers and suppliers do business thanks to e-commerce.

E-commerce Findings

Studies show that nearly 86% of B2B companies with more than $500m annual revenues already implemented e-commerce solutions. Without e-commerce, B2B suppliers cannot thrive nor grow. Therefore if you are a traditional supplier now is the time to shift into e-commerce. As it will be harder to catch up to your competitors along the line.

Although distributors had always been great with customer service, customers now don’t have the luxury of time nor the desire to go through paper catalogues. Moreover, they prefer to research and browse through your e-store, and then buy online at their own terms. Thus, the reason why e-commerce companies have become so successful.

Becoming a successful e-commerce company

To become one of the many successful e-commerce companies online you need to build a well-designed website. It needs to offer an outstanding user experience, be customer-oriented, ultra responsive and easily accessible. Additionally, all of your products need to be shown with high quality images, descriptions and prices. Overall, your online store needs to be functional and precise with calculation costs.

To add more value to your e-commerce company, you can run a blog and write articles about your products, about the latest trends in the market or top X lists on a related topic. Also, don’t forget to rank your products by price, reviews and relevancy so the customer can have a clearer picture when choosing a particular product.

Expand your e-commerce reach

To expand your e-commerce company’s reach and generate leads you need to invest in marketing. SEO and social media marketing are expensive but if you want to succeed with your e-commerce business you need to invest as much as you can. Therefore, this is why it is imperative for your wholesale business to incorporate e-commerce. 

Does this mean as a supplier you need to develop your own e-commerce platform or website and invest in digital marketing? A website is a must for any business and then there is also the B2B platform Enterprise League to help you with your reach, instead of splashing on digital marketing.

B2B Platform a way to connect with other companies

Enterprise League is a B2B platform that offers an efficient way to connect to e-commerce and other companies, buy and sell products but also collaborate and exchange wisdoms. The first thing you do is create a profile of your company. Add the name of your company, website, location as the most basic information about your site. To enhance your profile and make it more tempting for other companies to connect, you need to add more information such as – a short description of your company,  what products and services you offer, what you need and even add any licenses and certificates that may add validity to your quality. You can add as many products as you want and don’t forget to include information about them.

Enterprise League is here to help your company grow. Join today, and let’s walk the path of glory together!

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