7 tips for choosing the right intranet solution in 2022

March 14, 2022

Choosing the right intranet solution for your business

Sharing photos, stories, updates, conversations, blurbs, and others are some of the ways humans communicate in the modern world. As these forms of communication improve the way people interact, what does that mean for the workplace?

It means that managers and business leaders need to utilize and include these forms of communication in their processes to streamline business operations and improve efficiency among their team members. There are several ways you can include these services in your organization. Intranet solution, for instance, has become one of the critical system integrations for most modern businesses. 

However, choosing the right intranet solution can be challenging, especially when you’re a new business owner. So, it’s important to do diligent research to ensure you get the best deal in your locality.

What is intranet?

An intranet refers to a private computer network operating within an organization. It is a digital workspace where you and your team members can meet, share ideas and sensitive data, and collaborate on projects. Effective communication between departments plays a huge role in improving production efficiency to increase output. Unlike other networks, only team members can access centralized files and documents within a secure network in intranets.

Intranet vs. extranet

An extranet is a private network that allows only authorized suppliers, vendors, or partners to access it. It’s a subset of an intranet network that allows specific groups to access a part of the organization’s intranet network without granting access to the whole network.

As mentioned, an intranet allows your team members to access every part of your network. The extranet, meanwhile, allows only the invited vendors or partners to access certain areas of the network and communicate with specific people in your organization. Including an extranet network in your business will play a huge role in improving business-to-business relationships with reputable vendors and suppliers.

How to choose the right intranet solution for your business

There have been many intranet solutions in the market over the last few years. Thus, it can be difficult for business owners to choose the ideal solution for their business operations because of the many available options. You can consider the following tips to ensure you’ll get the right solution for your organization:

Consider integration

Integration is one of the most important things you should look for when choosing an intranet solution for your business. Your business may already have a fair number of logistical processes in place. Hence, it’s important to think about what you want your intranet to do and integrate it into the already existing systems. Could you automate processes to speed up time-consuming business tasks? Can you guarantee that it integrates with Google or other browser systems in your area? 

Integrating your intranet with the already installed systems will minimize the number of applications needed for daily business operations. Therefore, carrying out critical tasks such as marketing becomes easier and will likely improve productiveness among employees.

Check reputation

There are several ways to determine brand reputation. For instance, reading through the testimonials provided on a company website can help you gauge whether a business will meet your needs and expectations. 

Refrain from getting your services from a vendor with mostly negative feedback from previous clients. This is because you’ll likely have the same experience with the service provider. It’s also crucial to understand that there will be dishonest vendors who may pay individuals to write misleading testimonials. That’s why it’s important to conduct background checks to determine the credibility of the posted reviews. If possible, reach out to previous customers and inquire about their experience with the company. It’s always best to have first-hand information when choosing the vendor you’ll eventually work with.

Look For an attractive UI

Despite the dawn of Industry 4.0, some people still fail to maximize technological advancements to optimize business operations. Thus, it’s essential to look for an attractive user interface (UI) to ensure all of your team members can utilize the intranet solution in their daily operations. 

A complicated UI will affect the user experience and force some team members to stick to traditional systems. This will not only reduce its effectiveness in improving your business operations but you may also end up losing your whole investment. Conduct extensive research to develop a deeper insight into your processes to ensure you choose an easy-to-use solution for your team members.

Stay within your budget

Budget is another crucial factor to ensure you choose the right intranet solution for your business. Depending on the size of your organization, it all comes down to the number one question: How much are you willing to spend to acquire an intranet solution? Like any other product, the higher-priced solutions don’t necessarily mean the best system in the market. Meanwhile, the cheapest ones are not of the highest quality either because they might bring drawbacks, affecting your business operations. 

Ensure you understand your current and future business needs when setting aside your budget for any purchase. This move will assist you in choosing the right intranet solution to serve you for the longest time possible, giving you value for your hard-earned money. Moreover, include extra costs in your budget, such as round-the-clock support, training services, and more. This will improve the efficiency of your intranet integration, saving you some more in the long run.

Aim For mobile-friendly solutions

More individuals have been working away from their workplaces these last few years. Technological advancements, like video conferencing, have made communication and collaboration easier for departments despite the differing locations of staff members. Hence, it’s important to look for mobile-friendly solutions. With this, your team members can use the intranet solution from the comfort of their homes, ensuring optimum utilization.

Consider security design

Remote working has increased the chances of cyberattacks over the years. Therefore, it’s vital to look for solutions offering maximum security for sensitive business data. Having these data fall into the wrong hands will not only affect your business as a whole but also destroy your reputation, which will result in a reduced customer base.

There are several ways to protect your network from attackers. Utilizing multi-factor authentication, encryption, and many more will go a long way in protecting your sensitive data and communication channels from attacks. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now purchase cloud-based solutions to help protect your business network. This solution might be costly, but remind yourself constantly that prevention is better than feeling helpless if something bad happens in the future. Understand the security design of the intranet solution by researching how it works. This will guarantee you’ll choose a secure network; hence, improving your competitive advantage.

Technical support

Integrating a new intranet system into your business operations can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor, especially for businesses without the necessary know-how. That is why you must choose a service provider with the best technical support, so in case you run into a few issues, you’ll have someone you can turn to for help. 

The type of technical support you’ll get will determine how easy it is to mitigate issues, which will ultimately affect the efficacy of your production line. If the service provider cannot give the needed support, look for another company in your area that can meet your expectations.

What are the benefits of an intranet solution?

Here are some benefits of an intranet solution for your business:

Fosters collaboration

With remote working setups on the rise, you may have team members working from different towns, states, or even countries. Thus, it’s essential to ensure effective communication between departments and have each working in sync with the rest of the team. 

Intranet solution provides an effective collaboration channel for organizations. It has allowed team members to communicate easily, share ideas more freely, ask questions more openly, and many others. An intranet solution ensures they complete tasks on time, improving overall business productivity.

Improves workforce engagement

Improving workforce engagement can be daunting for most managers. Although there is no single solution for every organization, integrating intranet solutions may motivate your team members to contribute and participate in your business operations. Having a social platform where team members can connect with your goals will play a big role in improving your productivity. 


Technological advancement has changed how humans interact. As a business owner, you can utilize these advanced solutions, such as intranet systems, to streamline your operations and improve productivity within your team. Research on the ideal solution for your business operations, so you can get value for your money and better productivity among your employees.

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