5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety and Help Your Body and Soul

May 15, 2019

3 min read

Mental health day
As we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week in 2019, we look back at the most common mental health problem entrepreneurs have in the 21st century – anxiety. This year mental awareness week theme is all about body image and how we think and feel about our bodies. That’s why we chose to talk about how anxiety affects our eating choices and the effect it has on our bodies and mental health.

First of all, no one is immune to anxiety. We all experience it at least a couple of times in our lifetime. However, if we don’t pay attention to it and treat it properly, anxiety can become a chronic problem that interferes with our eating habits and affects our body both physically and mentally.

Anxiety is a state of worry, nervousness and expecting something terrible to happen at any moment. The red alert is always on in our mind and we’re in constant state of emergency. It usually comes from unfulfilling personal goals, which might be set too high in the first place. One of its most frighting effects is excessive weight gain. There are people who gained up to 50kg in under 2 years, all because of anxiety. In some cases, people choose not to rely on professional expertise and find a (wrong) mechanism to deal with it. If you are struggling with it now and want to turn back to being healthy, both physically and mentally, here are five ways to cope with anxiety and get yourself back on the healthy track!

Question the Pattern of Your Thoughts

Anxiety feeds on negative thoughts and feelings that imprison your mind and soul. The first step towards treating anxiety is discovering when and why this negativity has started taking over your mind. So, ask yourself whether the concerns are real or not. Is there a logical explanation behind them? What triggers these poisonous thoughts and fears ? Now, reflect on the answers rationally and start to regain control over your health again.


Often times alternative medicine can do wonders for the human mind and body. Essential oils are the weapon that aromatherapy uses to relax you to a level where all anxiety is gone and the mind is calm once again. Some of them can truly stabilise your appetite and aid your body in finding balance again. Chamomile, lavender and sandalwood are one of the scents that have the best impact on mental health. They have powerful properties that activate specific receptors in the brain and decreases the symptoms of anxiety.

Deep Breaths

Deep breathing deals with anxiety quicker than any other method. There are several deep breathing techniques, with the five-minute one offering the best results. Breathing is done in four counts in and four counts out in an interval of five minutes. When you even your breathing, your heart’s rate gets back to normal and calmness overtakes your body.

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