Where to find the best corporate deals

June 05, 2020

Where to find corporate deals

Running a business takes a lot of financial maneuvering to stay under budget yet keep growing. Business expenses lurk at every corner – utilities, employee salaries, inventory, outsourcing, software…. You name it. Therefore, knowing how to save money and reduce the operating costs is a leadership trait you must possess if you want to succeed. 

This is where business i.e. corporate deals come handy. They can literally save you tons of money on versatile business stuff.

What are corporate deals?

Corporate deals are practically special offers i.e. discounts given to businesses by other businesses. In other words, a certain service or product will cost you more if you buy it as an individual compared to if you buy it as a business entity.

The most palpable example for a corporate deal is the special offers and pricing telecommunication companies like Verizon and Vodafon give to businesses. Their corporate deals come with an exclusive set of services and benefits tailored to businesses that individuals can’t use or need to pay more in order to use.

Depending on the intent, the corporate deals can be seasonal, one-off, everyday or long-term discounts. Usually, long-term corporate deals come with the most perks.

Companies that offer corporate discounts

Corporate discounts are not offered only by large corporations despite what the name implies. Every startup, small or medium business can give them. Even the local florist or bakery can have a corporate discount program. 

By the same token, there are corporate deals for all kinds of goods and services: marketing, manufacturing, IT, design, printing and packaging, events, electronics, etc. Whatever it is that you need, chances are you can find a good corporate deal and save tons of money on it.

You just need to know where to look, which brings us to the next point.

Where to find corporate deals?

As with everything else these days, the internet is the first place to go corporate deal hunting. However, don’t ever underestimate the power of in-person communication.


Head to your local seller or provider and ask if they have special deals for businesses like yours. You’ll be surprised to learn how often even a ‘no’ turns to a ‘yes’ with a little bit of negotiation.

So if a business doesn’t have an online presence that doesn’t mean they don’t work with other businesses and offer special benefits to them. Even the most hard-core B2C companies can’t withhold a lucrative B2B deal offer.

Business websites

Usually, every business with a website would have a special page dedicated to the corporate deals they’re offering. Hence, websites are a good place to learn if a business has a corporate discount program. There could be name variations, so watch out for that.

Take Wayfair for example, they have a business program called Professional Coupons and you can find out everything about it on their website.

Golden Circle on Enterprise League

Golden Circle is one of the key features on Enterprise League. This is where you can find corporate deals offered by Enterprise League partners. 1Password, Leverice and WorkClub are just a few names on the long partners list. 

Each special offer is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, and all members of the platform are eligible to benefit from it. There’s a broad range of tools, services and solutions at exclusive prices including:

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Corporate deals help you cut expenses without compromising the quality of your work. Whatever is the service or good you need but can’t afford to throw large sums of money at it, there’s probably a corporate deal that will make it affordable for you.

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