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Mar 22, 2019

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The old and familiar saying goes like this – “The customer is always right”. It is not said in vain,because if you want to build a successful business, the relationship between you and the customer must be just like a love story.
To explain everything, we’ve made a detailed article offering all the knowledge you need to know on what it takes to succeed in the customer service industry. Following, you will find a breakdown of the five dominant types of customer service and how to use them in your advantage.

Five Types of Customer Service

Self-Service Knowledge Base

Some people like just to read. What better way to inform about a brand than using the self-service knowledge base. It is composed of many segmented articles, FAQs, videos that explain products/services and similar content. Relevant information such as description, product images, and instruction videos, can be the main conversion point,when customers decide to purchase your offerings.

However, knowledge-based customer service won’t address unique situations about the product/service your company offers. Also, you must keep updating the information in your database on a regular basis, or else it will be outdated and create a bad publicity for the firm.

Social Media

If we think about it, social media makes up for half of the internet. Social media made information much more accessible – people communicate instantly with each other, get breaking news faster, and receive all the information about their favourite brands at their fingertips. In the last five years or more, companies have been more active on social media than ever before. This new engagement between companies and customers on social media, created a new type of customer service industry.

On social media, people will ask millions of questions, advice and offer their opinions. Excellent and reliable answers,contribute to customer satisfaction, and motivates them to buy from that company.

The downside of social media, like covered in our previous article for the pros and cons of social media, is bad publicity. However, it can be easily resolved thanks to damage control tools and bring back customer satisfaction!

Live Chat

A great tool to show excellent customer care, is the live chat service. We’ve noticed many sites using live chat support,particularly e-commerce sites. The chat pops up immediately, and there is usually a fast and efficient response rate. There, all questions a customer asks will be resolved and answered quickly. Thus, a direct communication with the seller is the best way to inform a customer. Moreover, studies show that customers who used live-chat services, had a satisfaction rating of more than 80%, and a high-probability to repurchase from the store.

The main disadvantage of this customer service is that it requires a lot of personnel. This can be resolved relatively quickly, if the company’s live chat service team grows simultaneously, as profit does. Additionally, it’s better to invest in such a service once growth has begun, as it will reduce unnecessary costs. However, customer numbers vary constantly, and a thorough analysis of the situation is required before making a decision.

Furthermore, live chat agents must have excellent communication skills and must be competent at multi-tasking during high-traffic periods. Also, when the chat servers go down, you must have alternative live chat channels as backup for customer communication. Always have a plan B.

Email Customer Support

Even though social media has a more prominent usage, people still use emails. Email support is a fast and reliable way for customers to get information. Thanks to this customer support companies can offer newsletters, links to websites and attach materials that provide information about their products.

The only downside of email support is the wait time. Nobody likes to wait 24 hours or more for an email. To avoid such situations, companies should remain vigilant and respond in a timely manner.

Phone Customer Service

Last but not least, good old phone customer support. Even though some people think it is outdated, this customer service is the most practical support from all five we mentioned. People resolve their problems quickly and get to ask as many questions as they like. All the information about products/services will be provided instantly, and customers will be satisfied.

The down side is usually the amount companies spend for phone customer support. For instance, if there is no Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, the holding lines can annoy customers. Also, even if there is an IVR system, not enough personnel will create a long waiting time and make customers even more annoyed. A phone customer support professional should have excellent communication skills, be pleasant and tend to the needs of the customers at all cost.

What Are the Most Crucial Customer Service Skills

For any business to grow, you must tend to the needs of your customers. If you are on the same page and understand each other, you’ve accomplished your goal. To do so, you will need great customer service skills. Here are some vital skills a great customer service professional should possess:

Showing empathy. Feel their problem, offer a solution.

Communication skills. The most fundamental one. Active and careful listening. Answer the best you can.

Knowledge about your offerings. Not sure what the service includes? Explain in details, so they have a better understanding.

Problem Solving. Do they have a problem? Solve it as best as you can. Show them all the solutions.

Be patient. Some customers have a lot of input, therefore listen to them carefully, and be patient before you provide a more suitable solution.

Positive energy. Always be positive when speaking. Someone might have a bad day, thus lead the conversation in a positive direction.

Show confidence. When a customer is assured that you possess the adequate knowledge, they will trust you, and will be more satisfied with your service.

Professionalism. This is the central pillar of customer service. Act professionally, regardless of how the customer acts. Show them how much you value their opinion.

Ability to Respond Quickly. If you can resolve a problem, fix it immediately. If not, inform the customer. Nobody likes waiting. However, when circumstances require, it might take hours or even days. Explain to them to be patient. Everything will be resolved to their liking.

How to Rule the Customer Service Industry

Above we stated the most important customer service skills needed, if you want to be the best in the customer service industry. However, is that enough to rule the customer service industry? Yes, but there is more.

Happy Employee Means Good Customer Service

The main focus, if you want to succeed in the customer service industry, should be on the people working there. They have excellent listening and communication skills and convey to the customers in a friendly and patient manner. Such reliable personnel will be an advantage to any business. Regardless of the current economic situations, a good organisation will acknowledge the importance of customer support. If they are doing their job right, you will have excellent customer service.

Develop or Use Existing Software

Technology made doing business easier. From a customer support perspective, you can always develop a phone application or buy one. Once you start using it, things will become easier. You will show respect and make it more accessible for customers to solve their problems.

Analyse Data

Keep all the information you gather from customer support, and analyse it. With this information, you can make future predictions, and notice market patterns. Also, you can analyse customer feedback, and use it to improve customer service performance.

Psychology in Communication

Always make the customer feel good. Say things what they want to hear,e.g. praise their taste/choice, and make them feel special for choosing your product. Positive communication may change negative customer behaviour and even contribute to satisfaction.


“In the end, you will rule the customer service market if you use all the information we provided in this article. Be kind to your employees, encourage a positive attitude when interacting with customers, and make everything you can to satisfy their needs. That’s how you rule the customer service market!”


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