3 digital marketing campaign tips every reputable brand should use

August 23, 2021

Digital marketing campaign tips

Let’s face it. With the worldwide pandemic hitting the global market, digital marketing is no longer a scaling strategy for businesses. It is a real-time necessity. But here’s the thing. While kickstarting a digital marketing campaign is easy, launching a successful one isn’t so much. 

In this attention economy, where the competition to gain and retain the interests of your target audience goes from stiff to stiffer, average tactics fail to meet goals. 

The solution? You need to think out of the box. Understand the core problem areas to draw insights on which you can work upon. Enter growth marketing. The question is, what are the key areas where you can apply these digital marketing campaign tips. 

Fret not. In this post, we reveal to you this year’s best performing growth hacking tactics that can take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level.

Digital marketing campaign tips to level up your digital presence

At the core, every successful digital marketing campaign is determined by one key element – the target audience. Without having a comprehensive understanding of what your audience want, desire and love chances are your marketing efforts will fall flat with a thin ROI. 

The solution? Start with deep audience research. Once you have a clear picture of your audience and how they ideally behave, optimizing your campaigns for maximum ROI will be much easier. 

But what are those optimization areas? The following 3 digital marketing campaign tips reveal to you where and how you can find and apply growth levers.

Create experience-driven campaigns

In the world of social media buzz, where something new is trending every day, engaging your target audience is hard. No matter how good your product offering is, chances are they will forget you faster than you thought. This means in today’s digital crowd; product marketing can’t perform. You need experienced marketers. 

But designing an unforgettable brand experience for your audience is easier said than done. To make it easier for you, we have curated 5 specific tactics that can create impact today. 

  • Optimize your campaigns for a multi-device experience

In a world where there is an increasing adaptation of the internet of things, your audience can first interact with your brand on any device.

If you are not optimizing your marketing campaigns for multiple device experiences, you are losing sales opportunities. But a pro digital marketing campaign tip here would be to start with optimizing your campaign assets for the mobile experience. Having a responsive website in this context is a critical success element. 

After all, you wouldn’t want to lose sight of that one valuable lead you earned through paid campaigns. Do you? 

  • Create value-based campaigns

The best purchasing experience for a customer is always value-based. If they do not feel what they purchased is valuable, chances are they will never buy it again. This makes benefit-driven marketing campaigns the best-performing marketing. But here’s where you can make this deal even sweeter and deploy a push marketing strategy.

Create your value-based marketing campaigns time-sensitive. Ever wondered why you see so many limited-time offers all over social media? Triggering the psychology of limited assets increases the perceived value of a product even more. This can create a significant impact on your sales performance

  • Create exclusivity

Although your target audience is a community, yet each individual is unique. But meeting the subtle nuances of your customers end-to-end is challenging. You need to optimize every opportunity to make your customers feel special. The more successfully you can do so, the higher the chances to remember your brand.

Creating personalized and exclusive offers for your customers is one of the best ways to do so. But here’s the thing. To ensure your offers are what your audience wants, you need to make data-driven decisions. 

You can create various offers depending upon their buying behavior, problems, likes, and interests. Discounts, referrals, exclusive access to products and offers, and even the free content that you craft for them. 

  • Use permission marketing

One of the most significant hiccups of a digital marketing campaign is building trust with your target audience. Today’s consumers are hyper-sensitive about sharing their data. But here’s the catch. Even though conscious, your audience still wants a personalized brand experience. 

Permission marketing leverages this consumer need by seeking permission from your audience to collect data in exchange for a personalized experience. This places you as a privacy-conscious brand and creates brand authenticity. 

  • Use contextual marketing

You may have heard the term ‘content is king’ and rightly so. But creating high-quality content is only one part of the job. The other part is mapping it to the context. Without understanding your audience’s browsing behavior, content interests, and ideal situations of content consumption, optimizing your content marketing efforts can fall flat. 

If you are creating blogs, integrate an interactive infographic with them. If you are creating video content, add subtitles to the video. It will make sure your audience can consume your content in a noise-free zone too. More importantly, take a hybrid approach to content creation and double down on the format that gets the maximum ROI for you.

Use growth hacking techniques

Driving growth for your business through digital marketing campaigns starts with optimizing the available resources to think of out-of-the-box methods to leverage brand awareness and sales opportunities. Here’s what you can do. 

  • Embrace an omnichannel campaign approach

The secret to a robust sales process is targeting the right audience with the right offer at the right time. If you are still conducting your marketing campaigns on a single platform, you are losing sales opportunities. 

Your audience may decide to do their first transaction with your brand anywhere. This means you have to be present wherever they are. No matter which social media platform it is, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, every interaction counts. 

  • Integrate influencer marketing

Influencers are one of the most valuable assets for your brand. 

Blending your influencer marketing strategy with macro and micro-influencers will give you exposure to authentic and high-quality leads in a very short period. While micro-influencers can give you the power of rich engagement, macro-influencers bring maximum new audience attention to your brand.  

However, if you do not have the budget for influencer marketing, you can still leverage this powerful channel. 

Offering free content for the respective influencers in your industry can be game-changing for your brand. Guest blogging regularly on their channel can bring consistently high-quality leads. The only thing you need to be aware of is this content topic has to be strategic. This means it needs to work for the influencer and your brand as well. 

  • Integrate digital PR 

Whenever a popular brand has to offer a product or service, their fans almost go crazy. Does that sound like Apple? Well, if you have to create that viral effect, you cannot miss integrating digital PR strategy in your marketing campaigns without compromising your budget. 

Enlisting your brand on review platforms like Quora will gain your brand authority and authenticity. But that’s not all. 

You can collaborate or even sponsor content pieces on popular industry news sites like Forbes, The Huffington Post, or any related channel your audience visits regularly. You can even create press releases and submit them to digital magazines. It can make a ripple in your brand performance. 

  • Integrate email marketing

There’s a good reason why email marketing is still the number one preferred lead nurturing channel amongst marketers. For every dollar that you spend on email marketing, the ROI is a whopping $44. But not every email marketing campaign can reach its potential. So what makes a successful email marketing campaign

Every high-performance email marketing campaign has an irresistible offer delivered around the right context through a premium email service provider for maximum deliverability. After all, if your email ends up in your audience’s spam folder, your offer, no matter how good, is hard of any value. 

  • Integrate remarketing strategy

It takes on an average of seven interactions for a prospective buyer to initiate the first transaction. This makes remarketing critical for a marketing campaign’s success. 

With pixels, following up on your audience based on their behavior with your offer can create more sales opportunities. It tracks your audience’s digital movement and caters to the offer that your brand has to offer. 

But a crucial part of this strategy is your copy. If you are not personalizing your copy based on their behavior, converting the targeted audience into paying customers will be challenging.

Be heavy on analytics

As they say, if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. The most important of digital marketing campaign tips is extensive analytics that gives actionable insights. But to get a comprehensive view of the landscape, you need to ask the right questions. Here are a few areas to cover in your analytics. 

  • Use insights of product-market fit

Understanding how your audience is responding to your product is fundamental to understand your product strength. This means if you are not taking reviews and feedback from your customers about how they feel about your product, chances are you will not sustain. But doing this is as easy as a form. 

A simple feedback form can give you your product’s NPS (net promoter score). This can be leveraged to create future ad campaigns for better conversion rates. 

  • Track your competitor

There is a famous proverb that says to keep your friends close but enemies closer. For a high-performance marketing campaign, this is true. It’s good to have competition and understanding how your direct and indirect competitors place themselves gives you leverage for your brand offer. 

What their creative ad sets are, what keywords they are ranking for, their offerings, the pricing, and strategies; each element gives you a clearer picture to draw leverage for your brand offer. Tools like Semrush are a great way to do this with ease.

  • Optimize your audience behavior

It would have been a no-brainer for curating marketing campaigns if you could read your audience’s minds about everything they think and feel about your brand. 

Although getting is a long shot, for now, you can certainly know how they behave on your site. Tools like Hotjar create heatmaps of your audience’s behavior, the buttons they interact with, the maximum hovered areas, least interacted places, and much more. With this knowledge, you could create more customized campaigns that are more likely to yield high results. 

  • Brand monitoring

Brand equity is one valuable asset that can set you apart from your competitors in no time. This makes measuring brand awareness an integral part of performance marketing campaigns. 

Tracking brand mentions, likes, and shares can get your word out to your audience and gain new customers. The best part? Your brand can leverage its popularity to launch a product just about anytime because you would already have a fanbase that wants the product. 

  • Split testing

Optimizing your campaigns is challenging without experimenting and testing your offers and creative ideas on sample size for your real audience. First, you experiment, and then you double down on formats that give the highest ROI  for your brand.


Knowing the best-performing digital marketing campaign tips sure gives a great headstart for your digital marketing campaigns. This is precisely what the above tips are going to do for you. But your campaign optimization journey is far from over. 

Digital marketing is highly dynamic. One algorithm change can completely change the way you approach your marketing. This means having a sustainable, foundational marketing framework is extremely important before you deploy the above tactics. In doing so, you should always keep your audience at the heart of that system. Keep the feedback loop open. Keep learning and, anytime because you, more importantly, keep experimenting. 

Remember, the best growth hacking strategy is the one that can align your business needs and audience needs in one straight line.

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