How digital PR strategy can throw the spotlight on your small business

May 19, 2021

Good digital PR strategy can bring attention to your business

Who wins in today’s digitalized business landscape? Undoubtedly, the one who has a sound digital PR strategy! As the digital marketplace grows and the number of consumers expands, small businesses that want to stay in the game must focus on attracting customers and finding new irresistible ways of presenting their brand messages. 

If you are not sure what is digital PR and whether it’s worth your time, keep reading and find out how this part of marketing takes care of your brand’s positive reputation. The power of an outstanding digital PR strategy goes beyond traditional press releases. It presents the brand’s message with compelling storytelling to boost brand awareness.

Small business owners are becoming more aware of the necessity of digital PR strategy and realize that this is the best way to achieve their growth goals. Small businesses that adapt to the desires of hyperconnected consumers, who engage with their audience, and identify potential threats are always a step ahead of the competition that ignores today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

Hence, digital PR strategies empower small business owners to think before they take action and gain credibility both on and offline by telling better brand stories.

What is digital PR compared to traditional PR

Both share the same goal, but in today’s digital era they can’t achieve the same results. Traditional PR is focused on the general press, TV, radio, and printed publications, and although it has its positive sights, it still has limited opportunities compared to digital PR.

Digital PR strategy has room for highly creative content, has two-way engagement, and offers you to track and analyze your success so you can upgrade your strategy and grow continuously. You can send your message through social media, online news platforms, websites, and videos and that is the strongest reason for choosing a digital PR strategy over traditional PR. With the ability to reach a wider audience your success is limitless.

5 digital PR strategy tips to make your small business irresistible

Small business owners need to juggle between tight budgets and the need to stand out from the crowd. Hence finding a creative marketing solution that won’t break the bank is imperative. This is where the digital PR strategy comes in. With the right execution, you should never be afraid of your competition again.

Understand and define your brand

The first thing you need to do to build a digital PR strategy is to understand and define your brand. In addition to defining what does your brand stand for, start with an analysis of strengths and weaknesses among your target audience. That way you can take a position in the market that is largely untapped. This will help you to develop a plan to make the most of what is already working and reassign resources from areas that are no longer returning the effort.


Having a good product unfortunately will not get the desired attention of reporters to write about your business, but having a good story behind your brand and products is irresistible for reporters. Since they are always thirsty for new inspiring stories of human interest, take an advantage of that by writing about what’s special about your business. 

Whether it is something amazing you’ve done as a business, the culture you’ve built, or how you give back to the community, just make it your story and share it with your customers. You will be surprised about what makes a good PR story

Be an active voice on social media

If one of the pros of the digital PR strategy is having a two-way engagement then make sure you use its full potential. Working hard on creating great content is half of the job for maintaining a positive image, the other half includes your engagement with the customers. Be an active voice on social media, show them that you pay attention to their needs, and show them how valuable your customers they are. Successful digital PR strategy builds a trusty relationship between customers and the company

Entice influencers

Digital PR strategy is not only about media coverage, essentially it’s about building relationships as well. Spot and reach people who already influence your target customers, invite them to your opening so they will hopefully post about your brand on social media. You can also provide a paid collaboration, organize competitions on social media, give them your products so they can test them and share their experience with their audience. 

Become a source for HARO

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a free service reporters use to find experts like yourself to be their source for their articles. In other words, another perfect place to promote your stories, get exposure and boost your brand online presence. 

Measure your digital PR strategy ROI

Once you implement these tips in your digital PR strategy and your brand starts thriving, you need to keep track of your efforts and investments. To keep track of every penny value, you have to be able to measure the ROI of the digital PR strategy that has an influence on creating new business opportunities. 

Set your goals, follow and stick to them. Being flexible in a campaign is good, but impact takes time. So, let the campaign run for 3 months, assess, and then make decisions and improvements based on the statistic. The role of digital PR professionals has to be analytical as well, so you should be able to comfortably analyze your campaigns.

Using the Google Analytics dashboard you can track how much referral traffic a particular digital PR strategy is driving to your site. Measuring this, you can have a straightforward look and be aware if you should increase or change your efforts.


If you are looking to grow your business without limits, increase brand awareness and use the full potential, you must consider a digital PR strategy. Running a successful business mostly means nailing the branding. So put your efforts to stay away from bad branding and remain with a good reputation. In the end, while a good reputation may not generate immediate sales or click-throughs, brand recognition and having powerful word-of-mouth marketing will help your company to succeed in all your marketing campaigns.

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