How DL Limousine found the perfect Marketing Agency


Success story of Coding Factory and DL Limousine on Enterprise League

♦ DL-Limousine is a reputable company offering luxury transportation services for over 20 years in Cannes, France and Copenhagen, Denmark.

♦ Coding Factory is a web development and marketing agency founded in 2019 in Skopje, Macedonia.

How did DL-Limousine and Coding Factory end up working together?

While DL-Limousine are experts in their own field and know perfectly what champagne tastes best in their Mercedes S-Class hybrids, their digital marketing skills had room for improvement. However, running a successful business for two decades taught them the benefits of outsourcing so they started to look for a digital marketing agency.

It had been a while that we were searching for a marketing agency that would understand the nature of our business and bring us a fresh new perspective. Unfortunately, most of the agencies we considered hiring turned out to be either scam or wanted to rip us off,” says Mr. Dan Levy, the founder of DL-Limousine.

Fast forward a few weeks later, advised by one of their entrepreneur friends, DL-Limousine joined Enterprise League. DL-Limousine used the DealZone on Enterprise League to post a business deal stating their need for a digital marketing agency. Three days later, they found a digital marketing agency that suited their needs and offered an attractive business proposition. They decided to work with Coding Factory and closed the deal virtually via Enterprise League.

We were skeptical about B2B platforms. After all, we were an early adapter which meant there wouldn’t be a large choice of companies to choose from. Nevertheless, we responded to two of the bidders, one of them being Coding Factory. To our big surprise, we received a response from them immediately. Negotiations lasted a couple of days but here we are, months later, still in business with them, and our marketing presence has never been better”, says Dan.

But because every story has two sides, we also asked Coding Factory to share their experience with us.

“Running a startup is a scary thing. The sooner you build a steady clientele the better your chances for survival are. We had a few clients but we needed more if we wanted to be 100% profitable. So when we saw DL-Limousine deal, we sent a bid immediately, not wanting to miss the opportunity. Months into our collaboration, and we’re still honoured to work with them. I’m so grateful my employee signed Coding Factory up on this platform without asking me because it turned out to be such an asset that we are using constantly for whatever we need”, says Blaze Aleksovski, CEO.

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