Does remote sales training actually work?

July 28, 2022

Does remote sales training work?

What most businesses fail to realize is that your sales team is the only human touch your brand can provide to your customers. Hence sales training becomes really crucial. However, sales training is not coding that can be learned online easily. Despite this companies have been conducting sales training online. But will it work? How can they learn conversational skills without being physically present? How can we assess their progress? 

It is very obvious for you to question the online method of sales training, however remote sales training works fantastically and is actually very cost-effective. 

Benefits of remote sales training

No matter what kind of business you are in, the success of your business depends on the sale of your product. Making that sale is a result of many factors including marketing, customer onboarding, quality of the product, and finally, your sales team’s efforts. 

Developing an A-class salesperson is tough and each institution has to do it differently to suit its requirements. For example, if your product is related to kids, you need your sales team to learn to be very friendly with kids, engage them and make them do all sorts of things to make their parents buy your product for them. It is an art. Not every salesman is born with it but this skill can be cultivated slowly using the sales training program. 

A typical sales training program includes teaching different aspects of being a salesperson, introduction to the company’s product and target audience, different strategies to convince customers to buy, role-playing, testing speaking skills, group activities, and finally grading. 

You are probably thinking that all this is not possible remotely. However, in reality, this is very much possible online using a Learning Management System. LMS is a very convenient tool that is used by many companies and educational institutions to educate their employees and students respectively. It allows you to create courses and monitor, track, assess and analyze the performance of your learners.

How can an LMS help you in conducting successful sales training?

Some LMS software programs have special features specially designed for efficient sales training. For example, TalentLMS has Salesforce integration to give a better learning experience. LMS is capable of doing a bunch of amazing things that will help you create a better sales training program. As it is a web-based tool, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Self-paced training

LMS promotes self-paced learning. There is no fixed schedule so your employees can complete the course whenever they want according to their preference. Moreover, most LMS have mobile learning features and hence they can do the training where ever they are. Having a concrete timetable for training can seem like a burden. LMS will make training a breeze. A study was done to see how effective self-paced learning claims that self-paced learning improves retention.

Creating courses for different levels is easy

You have different levels of salespeople in your company. Imagine the capital, time, and effort required to arrange a separate training program for each level. Using an LMS you just have to create a course once and then keep updating it regularly. All the material remains on the LMS making it easily accessible.

Higher completion rate

Convenience is the biggest advantage of an eLearning course conducted using an LMS. When training doesn’t feel like a burden, you are more likely to complete the training. Moreover, LMS sends automated and personalized notifications to employees to remind them of their incomplete modules and assignments.

Live classes

You can also have live classes once a week. This is where you can see the development in your sales team. You may demonstrate to them how to communicate and do other things in practice and observe how much they are adhering to right away.

Social learning

Social learning is what we learn from our surroundings. Social learning in this context refers to the learning that takes place while your employees interact with their seniors and other coworkers. Social learning is extremely valuable and effective. You must be wondering how someone who is learning from home might benefit from peer learning. It’s really simple, thanks to the community feature and live lectures of an LMS.

Additionally, an LMS allows students to finish a module while traveling and apply the same knowledge while they are handling a customer. They can also work on their own talents while seeing how their friends progress. By creating discussion forums, the learners can share their learning and get perspectives of their coworkers by sharing the best practices and real-life experiences.

Community building

LMS also supports community-building features which let you communicate with your colleagues and seniors, and know their experiences, their mistakes, and their best tricks and tips. In an offline situation, the number of people you can communicate with within your company is very limited. You will be talking to your coworkers, HR, and your manager. The community feature lets you talk to anybody who is part of the LMS. Say for example a customer asks a technical question that you were not able to answer. You can contact the related team member can get your query resolved in no time.

Repetition leads to better retention

With LMS learners can go through the content they are not familiar with again and again and be more thorough with it. Moreover, most online training courses have tests and assignments after each module to ensure that learners retain what they have learned.


A good sales training program is very essential for the success of your business. Companies invest a lot of money to conduct these programs. Training your sales team using an LMS is the most cost-effective way to conduct the training and upskill your employees. LMSs come with many benefits like anytime anywhere learning, better retention, more engagement, and analytical features to develop the training program.

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