Email marketing tips: How to increase email open rates

December 21, 2021

Email marketing tips

You have decided to advance your email marketing efforts, yet you do not know where to start. One of the important factors for the effective strategy to bring responses and increase sales is email open rates. 

Every industry has its peculiarities, especially regarding email marketing. It means that you should define an open rate average to look up to and proceed with an effective plan to catch a prospect’s eye. 

Read on to understand what email open rate is adequate and ensure that the emails reach the prospects’ inbox and produce responses.

What is a Good Email Open Rate

You probably have done some tests. Still, you need to know the results you can consider a success. In this regard, the marketers have a specific measure – email open rate. If you ask what is a good email open rate, on the whole, it is safe to assume that the open rate average across all industries varies from 15% to 25%.

Yet, different audiences see various values in emails. In B2C operation, most emails are promotional, meaning a lower open rate average. For instance, in the B2B niche, an incoming email is a possible opportunity for business people, meaning the exact figure may be higher. 

Talking about the industries, you can compare retail, consulting, and travel. The average open rate for email in the first one is around 18-19%, the second is concerned with 16%, while the good open rate for the third is 22%. The highest indicators refer to the emails from educational, child care, and religious organizations, starting from 27% and going up to 30%.   

For sure, all of these numbers sound low enough. Why? Many of the inboxes have filters against spam; others seem to be irrelevant to the subscribers.

Don’t forget about the average click-to-open rate

Notably, far fewer people open emails and click the links in them. Yet, these indicators are also a subject for the analysis helping to see what drives the recipients to proceed with the links after opening an email. That’s why it is a good indicator for subsequent improvement. 

What is the average click-to-open rate, then? It is even lower, around 10-13%. That’s why you need to make people open your emails first.

How to Increase Open Rate of Email Marketing

Now, when you understand what a satisfactory email open rate is, you can compare it with the one you got from the A/B testing or preliminary campaigns. Even if you are doing good, you can be better. The particular tips are practical to improve your email open rate and even add to email marketing response rates:

Start with good deliverability

What is the most fundamental thing? Make sure that your emails will get to the recipients. The best practice for open rate email marketing suggests having a healthy email list. Well, to have it, marketers usually use lead magnets and opt-ins to get emails.

On the other hand, there is software that allows extracting emails of prospects. For instance, a marketer can use a domain email finder or Chrome extension to get emails from prospects. The other option is to use software for verifying emails. It is better to apply such tools before each campaign to save your time and ensure that the issue of possible low scores does not relate to deliverability.

Make efforts to avoid spam traps

Another tricky thing is the spam filters set by the email service providers. If your email has spam words in the subject line or the central part of the email, your letter may be directed straight to the spam box. Thus, limit the use of word combinations like “buy now,” “click here,” etc.

Besides, email service providers can block the letters from domains with a poor reputation. The latter can depend on reports of the recipients and the sending activity. Thus, double-check its score across databases and warm the domain up before sending it in bulk.

Even when sending in bulk, focus on personalization

The open rate emails provide, in many cases, depends on the approach you pick. In this regard, personalization is a necessity that brings you closer to the subscriber. How? Showing that you know the customer contributes to the trust and lays the ground for relationship development

Notably, when personalizing messages, even for extensive campaigns, focus on details, starting from names. Simultaneously, you can reflect the buying behavior and their preferences to affect email marketing response rates. 

Know the needs of the audience

Importantly, to create a worthy subject line, you need to research your buyers’ persona and identify the pain points. Moreover, you can focus on the demographics, interests, and needs of the audience to develop the right communication style and tone of voice.

Besides, it would allow you to offer the right solution to the pain points. Portraying the needs and giving the answers in the emails not only improve open email but affect click-to-open rates.

Make clarity your priority

Also, clarity is of utmost importance when you design the body of the email and the subject line. The reasons are that the better you structure the body of the email, the easier it would be for a customer to see the point. 

Moreover, the accuracy of the subject line is essential as well, as it presents the goal of the email and invites the subscriber to read the letter. That way, the absence of manipulative things in the email increases the chance to avoid spam traps and improves the chance for the response from the subscribers.

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