7 Ways to Overcome Fear of Success for Your Own Good

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Use Past Victories as Motivation

Nobody believed that your business would succeed. Even from the start people were reserved with their expectations about your business. Yet, you had this wonderful business idea that later, with hard work and a lot of effort, turned into reality and here you are today – owning and managing a company that was once only a dream. Reflect on all the small victories along the way and remember the good they brought to your professional and personal life.

Change Daily

Many entrepreneurs regard change as the root of their fear. If that’s the problem, then adapt by making small changes. Bring a plant to your office, put a board for ideas in the hall, leave 10 minutes earlier or install a useful app everyone’s been talking about. These are things that seem irrelevant, but are actually quite helpful on the long run because they train your brain for the bigger ones that are yet to come. Stay proactive, be progressive!

Success Is Not an Absolute

Nobody can reach success, but hopping on the road of success can certainly be done. Many entrepreneurs think that success is something you achieve once and then you can relax. Let’s be real for a moment – you can climb even the highest mountain, but there will always be thousands more waiting to be conquered. Sometimes you will walk faster and other times you will make a wrong turn or stumble upon a rock. Like life, your career will have good and bad days. If you are still not convinced, analyse the careers of successful entrepreneurs. Notice the ups and downs in their careers. There are times when they lose half the value of their companies, but there are also days when they double or even triple it. Success is not absolute.

Saying “No” Is Necessary

If you overburden yourself with too many responsibilities and forget to live your life, the fear of success will destroy you. Say ‘no’ to some projects. You cannot work 24/7 and expect not to ruin your social life. We know that the price of success is high, but that does not mean you should destroy everything you love. Create a balanced between your professional and personal life and fears will go into oblivion.


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