Must-have features for mapping software tools in 2022

November 22, 2021

Features of mapping software

Thanks to the advancement of our technology you have a wealth of information about your business’s future readily available at any moment. Sadly most of the time , that data is found in messy spreadsheets that are confusing and time consuming. This is where mapping software comes into play.

Mapping software tool turn your business data into interactive maps so you can easily analyze and share information. This information gives your sales team the correct information to continuously boost sales and productivity. Moreover, It provides a clear picture of where you’re currently sitting and where you need to know. Your company’s data is a wealth of information just waiting to be optimized.

Important components of the best mapping software tools

If you’re looking for the best Mapping software tools as we head into 2022, look no further than these must-have features for your program.

Demographic tools and sales territory mapping

One of the critical tools needed to increase performance and empower your sales team is highly optimized territories. These territories are specifically designed areas connecting US geographic borders. You’ll be able to determine the proper boundary size, fill color (for easy recognition) and any number ranges required for your company’s needs.

Census-based demographics

Your sales team wants to understand their audience. Knowing critical demographic data like income, education, age, and labor can help them specify their targeting methods. Moreover, these maps can include geographic boundaries, along with core demographics within those areas. Key demographics will improve your team’s understanding of their audience, which enhances client retention overall.

Filter functionality

The best map-drawing tools will segment your data according to your specific needs. Filtering connects you to the accounts that matter. These mapping tools highlight significant trends you may have overlooked previously, along with other vital factors that influence the buying process. Find software that allows filtering of segmented data. Product types, purchase orders, stages (whether warm, hot, pending, or closed deal), or account names are all valuable pieces of your data.

Route optimization

Route planning takes the guesswork out of your sales team. It connects every member with an optimized route according to the distance or time it takes to get to their destination. Your representatives can upload their daily accounts into the feed and receive an optimized list of schedules using Google Maps functionality. To seamlessly integrate this software, look for a company that offers step-by-step directions to each location, according to real-time updates (for instance, using Google Maps to create the directions to the destinations).

SSL certificates

As a business, you have an obligation to ensure your customer and client information is protected from theft. As such, you’ll want to ensure the software you’re using has data encryption to safeguard any uploaded spreadsheets or files. Ideally, any program you’re going to transfer sensitive data to should have some encryption on the website. Encryption services will scramble any data on the website as unreadable content after the transfer, making the information unreadable to hackers trying to gain access.

Heat mapping tools

Heat mapping allows users to highlight specific location demographics with your company’s sales density. Maps are designed to show specific colors (whether different colors per density parameter or a varying intensity of one color) according to the territory’s number of accounts. The heat map will show your sales representatives where the “hot spots” are within their domain and demonstrate underperforming regions.

User-Friendly Interface

Although this is not specifically a tool connected to mapping software, it’s an essential component to consider before purchasing a product. Take the time to look over the mapping software for navigation, functionality, and customization options. Consider how long it will take your company to learn and implement the software into your workplace environment.

Ask yourself critical questions like, how long is it going to take the sales team to understand the interface? Do you find the product easy to use (including data or file transfer)? A company holding a highly complex product with all the bells and whistles is useless if no one knows how to operate the program.


Trying to unravel your business data in complex spreadsheets is time-consuming. There are countless entries and numbers that simply don’t offer the bigger picture. Thankfully, mapping software can help your business sort through the data points to compile a comprehensive view of where you are, using location-specific details. Unfortunately, not all software is created equally. Whenever possible, choose a software that has all the features needed, with a user-friendly interface.

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