Finding a reputable brand design agency in London

July 25, 2022

Finding a reputable agency in London

Unfortunately, there has been a time in everyone’s life when they have hired the wrong person or team. This can happen through no fault of your own. For example, you may have hired them because they said they were experienced or knew what they were doing. But, as time went on, you realised that this was the wrong decision.

Moreover, while the internet is great at giving you options, you have to sift through the options and make sure you do your research. For example, if you are planning on working with a brand design agency in London, you need to look into each company carefully. 

5 tips for choosing a reputable brand design agency in London

Here are five ways that will help you find the best brand design agency in London.

Read about their experience

Often, a reputable brand design agency is going to have been operating for a number of years. Experience is very important since it means their team has seen a lot before and has been able to help brands. They are going to be aware of trends and what can work for your business. Thus, the thing you want to do as part of your investigation is to read about their experience.

In particular, reputable agencies will be able to go into detail about this, as well as share if they have won any awards over the years. A good agency is also going to introduce its team and the type of tasks they can take on. For instance, Recipe Design is a well-known brand design agency in London. They have the expertise you can benefit from, as well as their own Meaning Centred Design process. The team is even able to offer you a free strategy review, which can give you a better idea of what direction they can take your brand in.

Examine their website

Something general that you should do before hiring an agency is take a look around their website. Consider how helpful and informative it is, as well as if it is engaging and exciting. After all, this can give you an impression of what they can do for your brand and the story they can share. After all, it will be their team that has created this site.

A reputable agency will spend a lot of time on their website and this will be obvious. If you are not impressed by the design and information that is available, you can score their agency off your list.

Consider their clients

If a brand design agency is really reputable and experienced, they are going to have worked with several clients before. It can be beneficial to see who these clients were and if you recognise any of the names. Of course, you will not always know what they did for that client. But, it can be reassuring to see they have some experience and have worked with well-known brands.

Agencies also know that future clients want to see the brands they have worked with. So you should not have to dig too deep to find those brands. Often, they are going to be displayed on their website. This might even be on the main page. Of course, the bigger the names, the more reputable a brand design agency is likely to be.

Examine case studies

Next, you want to read case studies from the brand design agency. This is going to demonstrate exactly what they can do. They should go into detail about what a client wanted and the approach they took to this demand. Then, a case study should discuss what was achieved for that client.

All of this information gives you an insight into the workings of the team. You can see if you liked their approach and whether you can imagine them doing something similar for your business.

Ask lots of questions

Once you think that you have found a reputable brand design agency, do not be afraid to read out and contact them. You want to make sure that you are making the right decision and that the team are going to be able to help your business. So, make sure that you ask all of the questions you want answers to.

Indeed, you are going to know by that agency’s response whether you like them. Yes, you will gain a better idea of their experience, but you will also see if you like their communication. Even how fast they respond to your messages is telling of what it would be like to work with that team.


Take your time and follow these five steps to make sure that you make the right choice. The brand design agencies in London are one of the best in the world so once you find the right partner for you, it is almost guaranteed that you will receive high-quality services.

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