3 tips for growing a business with almost zero capital

April 27, 2022

Growing a business with almost zero capital

A couple of generations ago, there was an accepted way to start a business. You would go to the bank and get a loan or sell an investor on your idea. If you had no money and did not want to rely on anyone else, your options were few and far between. People start businesses every single day with little to no capital. Of course, these are not resource-heavy businesses, but they can be incredibly lucrative.

If you are trying to start a business from scratch and have almost no capital, you have options. You can create a website for free on platforms like Wix and Squarespace, which will serve as the base for your business. Besides that, these companies offer you other free tools such as a free logo maker, eCommerce capabilities and more, which means you can have your business up and running without spending a cent.

Taking your business to another level on a budget

But to take your business further, you may have to start investing some money. Still, this does not mean that you need to spend all of your savings. Here are some tips for growing a business with almost no capital.

Work on your social media presence

Social media business accounts are free and they provide some excellent tools. Set up Facebook and Instagram accounts at minimum. If you are familiar with TikTok and are targeting an audience you might find there, consider creating an account – especially if you are trying to reach young adults. 

With social media, you can get followers without spending a cent. That said, you can find many more customers by using social media marketing. Social media marketing is cheap and very effective, and also brings sustainable results. You can use it to get more followers on your accounts, who you can then alert to new products, services, and sales. Instead of just connecting with your business once, they are there indefinitely. Besides that, your followers will probably end up sharing your business profile with their friends, helping you increase your platform. Just make sure you know how to keep them engaged and interested in what you have to offer.

Buy a domain name

Buying a domain name requires very little cash but has a huge impact on your business. In terms of creating your website, it is the one thing you need to ‘splash out’ on. If you want your potential customers to remember your business, you need a remarkable domain name. Also, your domain name will show prospective clients that your business is legitimate and professional.

Besides that, you should also consider how you will implement your domain name in your business email address. Your business email should be something like name@businessname.com, and not businessname@gmail.com.

Think about how many scam emails you have received from Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail accounts. The fact that they are using a free email address while masquerading as businesses is a red flag. There are plenty of honest people out there trying to get ahead without buying a domain, but they can get lost among the scammers.

Thankfully, you do not have to worry about getting a domain name and then a business email address separately. Companies like Wix offer you the opportunity to create a custom email address based on the domain name of your business website.

Write a blog

There is a type of marketing you do not have to pay for at all. You don’t even have to target customers, as they will come to you. This is called inbound marketing. The idea is to create content that potential clients will be searching for online. You do this by writing about the kind of things they would type in the search bar. When they find content on your site that answers their questions, they may look around for your products and services, especially now that they are aware you know what you’re doing.

Writing a business blog is enjoyable for some and unimaginably hard for others. If you enjoy writing, you can knock out a handful of articles at a time and release them on a schedule. If you hate writing or don’t think you have the skills or patience, you should consider hiring someone to do it for you. You do not need a permanent or even part-time employee, as you can dip your toes into the gig economy from the other side.


By using the above techniques, you are getting your business off the ground while spending barely anything. Knowing when to spend on things like domain names and social media marketing will ensure that your money goes as far as possible.

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