5 factors to consider when hiring a copywriting agency

December 30, 2021

Things to consider when hiring a copywriting agency

If you’re a web-based business, you probably already know that you want your content to rank higher on search engines to capture your target audience’s interest. Landing atop search engine results pages (SERPs) means that you’re the first thing your target market sees when they’re on the lookout for products and services that you happen to offer online.

It’s said that search engines reward businesses that create huge volumes of quality SEO content and give them boosted SERPs ranking. However, sites that churn out subpar content will most likely see their rankings suffer. 

As a business owner, you may need to seek the services of a reputable copywriting agency in your area if:

  • Your site has disappointing search results;
  • Traffic to your site is limited;
  • Conversions are low;
  • You’re failing to reach your content output targets; and
  • Your in-house team, whether it’s located on-site such as the United Kingdom or other countries, is overwhelmed and it needs to direct its efforts towards other projects. 

If your business happens to face the above-mentioned challenges, you might need to take your content creation to the next level. Whether you are looking for a local copywriting agency in London or a remote-first agency on Enterprise League – it can be challenging to find the right agency to work with.

Hiring the right copywriting agency for your needs

Some of the questions you need to have in mind when hiring a copywriting agency to work with your company as a trusted partner:

– Will they be able to handle your required content output?
– What’s their reputation within and outside your sector?
– What’s the range of services that your potential copywriting agency offers?


Size isn’t always the first thing you’ll need to consider. Yet if you’re hiring a copywriting agency because your team can no longer handle the immense workload, then you’ll need to hire with this consideration in mind. 

Your copywriting agency has to absorb all the pressure that’ll come with producing the kind of content you want effortlessly. Hiring an individual freelancer or a small agency might not cut it.

Have your future and planned growth in mind too when working with a third-party copywriting company. Should your needs continue to grow, will the company you’re going to curate still be able to cater and meet your demands? Consider the abovementioned before making your final decision. 


The scope will be very important so that you don’t have to scatter apart and distribute your projects across too many agencies. You’re going to need a copywriting solutions company that provides an across-the-board package that’ll make business management much easier and more efficient. 

Check if they can assign an individual copywriter for your landing pages, do product descriptions, write blogs, prepare press releases, and the like. Examine if their personnel consists of search engine optimization (SEO) specialists on board, as well as bloggers, copywriters, and many more.


Tread slowly and cautiously when it comes to hiring agencies based elsewhere that are far from where you are.
It’s said that there’s a great advantage in hiring a copywriting agency with which you share geographical and cultural context. You’ll see the results when their copywriters get the grammar and other technical issues right, know the language that your local target market most understands, and choose the voice most suited to them.

Agency-specific policies

Policies differ from one agency to another and it’s your job to determine the dissimilarities and how they affect the services you receive. What happens if you’re not happy with specific pieces of content? How do you and the agency decide the necessary amendments with ramifications on your overall fee? The mentioned are just some of the questions you need to bring up during an agency consultation.


Hiring the best copywriting agency for your business is going to take more than first impressions. Anyone can make themselves look professional and ‘capable,’ but it’s your job to practice due diligence and do your homework on all fronts.

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