4 Creative Home Office Ideas to Increase Productivity and Comfort

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The business world is transforming once again, and you can feel it. In the past, we regarded working from home impossible, yet today the situation is entirely different. The concept for the home office was not only limited by technology, but also by the common belief of business owners. However, new generations bring new ideas. Also, don’t forget about technology; every day there is some innovation that revolutionises the way business is done!

We can credit Millennials for leading the revolution of change. Thanks to them, home offices are becoming a popular choice among young entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur who looks for home office ideas, you’ve arrived at the right place.

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Natural Lighting

The picture shows design made from a simple desk, only your laptop or desktop computer on it. Moreover, don’t forget about coffee! I cannot function without coffee. Also, natural light, lots of it! We choose this design because we want to emphasise lighting. For the mind to stay sharp and productive, natural lighting is the most suitable one from all the office set up ideas. If you are into content creation, you would adore this idea. I know I do! Also, remember to bring a good chair, because sitting more than four hours can really hurt the back!

Functionality of Your Hardware

For the more demanding style of work like programming, it really does not matter how your home office looks like, but what matters the most is the functionality of your hardware. It might seem messy, but remember more messiness means higher IQ! For instance, if you are a freelance developer, you would probably need a double screen and even a laptop, and you wouldn’t care if there is light in the room or not, because programming sometimes takes you deep in the night. And once again, having an ergonomic chair is a must! You don’t want to feel back pain of a 70-year-old in your late 20s!

Idea Boards

Another good home office design idea. What better way to express yourself than putting idea boards. Worthy ideas always come when the mind is overburden with work and having an idea board is the ideal to keep them safe from oblivion.

Additionally, painting your home office space with your favourite colour, is an excellent way to increase productivity and comfort. Another way to increase productivity from home is adding materials and books that may inspire you, and some unique objects that represent your character. For instance, you can add a globe or a map of the world and mark the places you’ve visited. It is good to ponder where you’ve been, and where to go in your time off! Also, to motivate yourself do a better job you can always put frames of your loved ones on the desk.

Surround Yourself with Nature

For those who love nature, the porch or your backyard can be the perfect place to do your work. The fresh air, listening to the birds chirping, or the gentle breeze can relax your brain and make it more prone to ideas. Surrounded by beautiful flowers, you will be more productive and collected. 


Even though there are benefits from working in a home office, carefully select the room that will be your office. Never ever locate it in your living room, or dining room. If you have kids and they are too little for school, they will be all over the place and constantly distract you. Consequently, being home will give you a lot of freedom to pick your breakfast and launch, but continuously raiding the fridge can have some adverse effects on your body, so be careful!

I hope this article, inspired you to create a functional and pleasurable home office. These are just a few home office design ideas, but I am sure you will make the most of them. In the end, if you plan on using them, feel free to add something and change them to suit your needs better.

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“I have a nice home, the office is close by, and the pay is good. “

John F. Kennedy

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