How can businesses speed up their financial processes?

August 09, 2022

How can businesses speed up their financial processes

Business owners will have different preferences when it comes to keeping their accounts and filing them with the authorities, with most of these preferences being dependent on the type of business. While accounting software packages make the whole process especially easy and straightforward, the costs involved to purchase and subscribe to these packages can be too expensive for some people.

In that case, a temporary answer could be found in a bridging tool, which will allow you to file your returns without using a full accounting software package. This acts as a digital link between a business and HMRC.

 With the rapidly evolving technology that is available for business owners to take advantage of, there are a few ways that this technology can be utilized for businesses to speed up their financial processes.

Don’t be afraid to embrace new technology

In an ideal world, businesses of all sizes would be able to subscribe to a software that would speed up their financial processes, but for whatever reason, not all businesses are in a position to do this.

Don’t forget that some business owners would actually prefer to use the old-fashioned system of using a pen and paper to record the financial transactions that are processed through their business. However, without wishing to cause offense to these people, this can often be more a case of stubbornness and being afraid of change than anything else. It’s also not permitted under recent changes to how accounts must be recorded and filed.

The amount of time that a business can save by using digital methods to record its financial transactions means that the vast majority of companies would be able to see a big difference in so many of their business activities.

We have already mentioned cloud-based accountancy packages, so let’s take a closer look at the amount of time that can be saved when using these systems, not to mention the elimination of a great deal of stress.

The beauty of cloud-based accountancy packages is that they are constantly updated in line with any changes, so you don’t have to worry about keeping on top of every update as and when they happen.

These latest cloud solutions have often been described as having an extra employee whose job it is to keep up to date with any changes and make sure that you know about them. They are a real timesaver whichever way you look at it, never mind the fact that a cloud-based accountancy package is a fraction of the cost of an extra employee.

Move away from the legacy banking system

Another way that businesses can speed up their financial processes would be to look at alternatives to the legacy banking system.

For too many years, the traditional banking system has held a monopoly on business banking, and as there was little competition, these banks didn’t have to raise the bar at all because they could carry on operating in a way that they have done for years as they could get away with it.

How times have changed. Non-traditional banks and new competitors are starting to take some of the market shares because of the exciting digital solutions that they have in place that speed up the financial processes for their customers.

Operations such as transaction processing, built-to-evolve data, and migrating operations to the cloud mean that businesses that have explored the options away from the legacy banking system have managed to speed up their operations across the board.


It is definitely possible for businesses to speed up their financial processes, and in doing so, improve their business efficiency.

It may mean that business owners will have to think a little differently – moving away from the legacy banking system, for example – but the digital solutions that are now available can only be regarded as good news for businesses. This is because they enable companies of all sizes to take advantage of advanced technology in order to streamline their business.

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