Business Before the Internet and Now

Mar 18, 2019

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how the internet changed the world

Imagine if you’ve traveled in time from the 90s to the present.

The internet Marty, It changed everything.

Just a couple of days ago it was the 30th birthday of the WWW (world wide web). Looking back in time, it is really easy to see how the internet changed the world. Imagine the world without the internet: no social media, no Netflix, no online shopping and no business opportunities. If you wanted effective advertising, you had to put up ads in newspapers, or pay TV ads which were way too expensive.

How technology has changed business. Note how Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress have changed shopping. Netflix did revolutionize entertainment with a great platform that forced Disney, Amazon and HBO to create one of their own – everyone wants to be part of the streaming internet revolution. You can observe the influence of internet on global business environment.

Today, no business can be depended on its local customers to grow; digital marketing is the only way forward. In the last couple of years, many entrepreneurs have restructured their businesses around the internet. Physical shops fade away, while online shops thrive. Let’s take a closer look at how the internet transformed small and medium sized enterprises for the better.

How Has the Internet Changed Shopping

Imagine doing your shopping in the 80s or 90s. Television and radio were your only sources of information. Also, not everyone could watch television all the time. You had to walk to every store, walk inside and browse through all the merchandise, to maybe try something. From a business perspective, your shop now can reach millions of people with Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Your customers now have all the freedom in the world, to do their shopping from anywhere at any time.

The Internet Changed Business Dynamics

Internet and business go well together. Before the internet, doing business took a lot of time. You had to deliver reports to clients via the post, and meetings required you to be physically present. There were so much paper documents and losing essential data was a common occurrence. Today, we have it easy. If you want a meeting, you can be anywhere in the world, and through an internet connection, you can have a video conference. Files now can be stored on hard disks and clouds; they are more durable and cannot be destroyed that easily. Sending reports to clients? You can send them an email and receive a response in just a few minutes. Notice how significant the role of internet is in transformation of business enterprises.

The Role of Internet in Transformation of Business Customer Service

Today, if you have any problem with a product, you can instantly contact them through a phone number on their website, or their live chat service. Going back in time, that wasn’t so easy. Sometimes there was no customer support information provided anywhere. Even if there was one, you had to search for it on the yellow pages. Now, it is easy. You can resolve any issues your customers have, with online communication. However, the impact of internet on business customer service can also have a negative side. It is up to you to react and safeguard your company from those kinds of impressions.

The Internet and Business Advertising

How has the internet changed business marketing in the last couple of decades? In the early 00s, TV and radio ads were still a viable way to market your brand. That changed with the rise of Google and Facebook. Nearly everyone uses the internet, and if you want to reach new customers and expand your business, a good internet campaign can create wonders. If you create good content through those campaigns, and showcase your products and services, everyone can click on your website and check your products. Even though the conversion rate is low, if 100,000 people visit your site at least 1000 people will buy something from your store.

In conclusion, the internet is a gift that keeps giving. If you have ideas, the internet will reward you and help you grow your business into a brand. How many times did you think you had a million dollar idea? Make it happen!

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