How to find clients online: Five proven ways for long-term results

July 08, 2021

Finding clients online

When you first think about how to find clients online, considering the limitless opportunities online it looks easier than it is. But, as soon as you need to find clients yourself, reality hits and you are panicking because you don’t know where to start.

Nowadays there are indeed a lot of online platforms promoting their features and land of opportunities. But, before you spend your time trying to find your luck in every single one of them, let us save you some precious time by listing the ones that are proven to bring the desired results.

How to find clients online and significantly grow your business

Focusing on one of these strategies and platforms will save you valuable time you can use to improve your services or products. From now on, how to find clients online won’t be an obstacle in your business. Your only worry is providing the best possible service or product. 

Referral program

The list of tips to find those high-quality leads is endless. But, using the same, already tried tactics isn’t going to cut it anymore. Therefore, building a referral program should be your focus. Use your existing customers to generate your new leads, and then make sure you reward them for that.

Referrals are gold. You’re getting high-quality leads from people who already use your product because word of mouth marketing has always been more convinceable than any other strategy. It’s also great to have a solution that is a win-win for both sides. You will have a new client and your old client will be even more loyal to your business after being rewarded for their loyalty.


Using video marketing to explain things that people are searching for is a great way how to find clients online. Demos and explanatory videos are a must-have when you’re working with potential customers you may never meet in person. That way you build the relationship-driven trust that is key to B2B sales.

Also, you can use YouTube to publish educational videos incorporating keywords that reinforce your SEO ranking. Then you can repurpose the videos on your blog and LinkedIn, which is considered the best platform for B2B lead generation .


A tactic that will work great if you are wondering how to find clients online is to utilize your direct connections on LinkedIn. For now, try to avoid blindly contacting new contacts in hopes of starting a conversation and have a focus on a campaign to your current personal connections.

This will help you reconnect to strengthen relationships, gather a lot of product feedback, and build an extended network of introductions to other companies that can use your product. Make sure that this is automated with a personalized message and does not include sales language. This foolproof method will bring you results, because people love being asked for their opinion, and when you do that the right way, they feel honored and motivated to spread a good word about you.

Another tried and tested strategy on how to find clients online is LinkedIn groups. If you rely on social media for promoting your business, LinkedIn groups will help you target specific businesses in different industries. The only thing you have to do is search for new groups and communities that could benefit from your company’s services.


Speaking of how to find clients online, there is one thing that promises long-term results and that is SEO. Find the right keywords that your customers use to get informed about products or services in your niche and write a blog post around those keywords so they can find you in Google search results.

However, SEO requires dedication and learning, but, there are also plenty of resources and SEO tools online so you can spice up your game easily. If you don’t have time to learn, don’t worry, we have a solution for you as well. You can always hire an SEO agency, so you can help your business thrive. 

Whatever path you choose, remember that being invisible is a terrible strategy, so making sure your site is keyword optimized and produces meaningful content is the price of a great foundation for effective SEO. 

Enterprise League

Do you ever wonder how wonderful it would be to find clients online, from the comfort of your home or office, without losing days or weeks searching for the right ones? It probably sounded unreal years ago, but now there is an easy and fast way to connect with companies from all around the world, only with a few clicks.

Enterprise League is the world’s B2B marketplace, and as many describe it, it’s a land of opportunities. The answer to how to find clients online using Enterprise League is simply to create a free profile and post a deal or bid to already posted deals from other companies. The best part is that the whole process is simplified and easy to use with provided tips and tricks on how to write the perfect bid and get the most out of the platform. 


Don’t jump on the first strategy that pops up on the internet how to find clients online. Focusing your efforts on the wrong place can cost you valuable time and even discourage you from making your business dreams a reality. Do your research, ask for opinions and find the most suitable strategy for your business. 

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