How to optimize a corporate space management

June 17, 2022

how to optimize a corporate space management

Even though there was a slight shift in home-based working due to COVID-19, companies are slowly shifting back to setting up their physical office spaces.

Whether it’s the workspace or the parking space, companies are looking for ways to maximize occupancy without compromising workspace comfort for their occupants.

Apart from offering workspace comfort, optimizing your office space is essential because leasing or buying an office space results in realty expenditure. Usually, realty expenditure is your second-largest expense and your biggest opportunity for cost reduction.

Today, corporations are making space management an integral aspect of their corporate strategy because it ensures better collaboration and enhances employee experience.

In this article, we discuss ways to optimize corporate space management.

How to optimize a corporate space management

Use these ways to optimize your office space to reduce stress levels, eliminate corporate resentment, decrease rifts between departments, and mitigate mental health issues and anxiety:

Use a parking management software

When it comes to parking space management, organizations take a reactive approach by fixing problems rather than pre-empting them.

This often results in employee frustration because they might have to spend a long time parking their vehicles in and out of the facility. Managing cars isn’t easy because parking involves human labor and can be highly inefficient, especially during office hours.

Focus on parking management solutions to save your employees time and ensure they remain productive. An excellent parking software provides parking enforcement options, access controls, reporting, a parking guidance system, security analysis, and an automated ticketing system. These features help you guide an employee to the closest available parking space.

The presence of an automated ticketing system automatically dispenses tickets and allows digital payments. Moreover, this parking management software makes your life less messy and ensures your employees have sufficient parking space without wasting a minute.

Evaluate your current space

After optimizing your parking space, you can now focus on your current office space. However, before you can optimize your space, it’s essential to understand what you’ve got and how you can make the best use of it.

This primarily means evaluating the total space and how much is currently dedicated for various purposes such as meetings, cubicles, recreational spaces, and open-office space.

When evaluating your current space, ask yourself what’s working and what you can improve upon? You need to understand how different teams function together. This can help you decide the layout of your office.

For instance, if the HR and finance departments work cohesively, ensure these departments are placed next to each other. To prevent your employees from getting distracted, you can ensure to keep your canteen at a distance from the work cubicles.

Use a space management software

A space management solution lets you get a consolidated office space view. After analyzing your space, you can employ a space management solution to understand how to use your space correctly. 

This software provides information about meeting rooms, vacant desks, work cubicles, and the cafeteria. The analytics you obtain from these tools can help in optimizing the workplace. For instance, you can use the space as a collaboration point when the desk remains empty for a long time.

Also, if you have a space that always remains crowded regardless of the number of employees, you can get it redesigned to accommodate changing office requirements.

As space management software comes with the ability to download space utilization reports, you can understand how efficiently you’re using your workspace. An optimized workplace ensures that your employee does not waste time and focus on improving their work productivity and experience.

Remove uncomfortable furniture

Before arranging your furniture, consider whether it’s a good idea to keep your existing furniture or make changes to them. Old and poor-quality furniture can cause serious health problems to employees, such as migraines, back pain, carpal tunnel, and eye strain.

Focus on finding ergonomics chairs to keep your employees comfortable throughout their time in the office. Look for armchairs with armrest variations, lumbar support, swivel mechanism, and padded material.

Keep high traffic paths clear

After purchasing new furniture, ensure your workspace looks complete yet spacious. A properly optimized workspace can help set the mood of your employees and motivate them to excel in their job.

Try to remove unwanted and extra furniture from the path to make your office look spacious. Having enough space for people to walk around and allocating one or two spots to relax can do the trick.

Create a relaxing room for sick employees to rest and return to work. Keeping an efficient layout makes it possible for the workers to become flexible and feel mentally fresh while working.

Focus on keeping the color of the wall light and select furniture that compliments the color. This makes your office space look elegant and provides positive vibes to people working with them.

Pay attention to lighting

Lighting is another way to optimize your space management because it can impact your productivity, health, mood, depression, and well-being. With 68% of employees being unhappy about office space lighting, having accurate lighting can affect workplace productivity. 

An office space that receives natural lighting helps in making the workplace far more productive. 

While artificial lighting might be good, working in natural lights results in happier workers, lower absenteeism in the office, and reduces health issues because lighting can encourage satisfaction among the workforce. 

When optimizing your office space, ensure to place the cubicles near the areas that receive maximum natural light.

Benefits of optimizing a corporate space management

Space management incorporates planning, supervising, and optimizing a company’s physical space. Optimizing your space offers the following benefits:

Reduces cost

Knowing which office areas are underutilized can help prioritize resources and reduce your overall utility cost. With space optimization, you can identify areas that don’t require full-scale heating, cooling, and lighting.

It can even help you sign a lease that doesn’t dent a mark in your overhead costs.

With 30% of energy wasted in commercial buildings, space optimization can reduce overall utility costs.

Ensures employee satisfaction and increases productivity

Building a workforce-centered space planning strategy can help create a workspace that sparks the interest of your employees. A creative and quiet place helps focus on work tasks and creates a work environment where employees tend to be productive and devoted to the workplace.

According to a report, 87% of employers prefer a well-optimized workplace benefit, such as wellness rooms and ergonomics seating.

Provides better strategic planning

When you use space management software, it gives you an accurate picture of your space occupancy. It helps determine the demand for space to anticipate business growth.

Using these insights, you can make quick and intelligent fixes. Once you have the actual office space demand, you can better plan your air conditioning requirements.

Ensures workforce well-being

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way you work, ensuring social distancing even in your workplace is more of a legal requirement. Complying with social distancing norms is essential to prevent hefty fines from the government.

Using space management software and focusing on space utilization can help in allocating space to ensure employees work productively and ensure your employees spread out as safely as possible.


For nearly every organization, people and workspaces are the central portions of overhead expenses, and space and parking management software can help you utilize both. Always remember that your space management is an important piece that accurately fits into the employment experience puzzle.

If you want to optimize your workspace and provide a seamless employee experience, you can no longer overlook the importance of providing a space that sends positive vibes to employees present in your workplace.

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