How to print more sustainably: 5 tips for 2022

March 17, 2022

How to print more sustainably

Printing creates a lot of waste and requires tons of resources. It is a major contributor to pollution. Four billion trees are cut down annually only to produce paper, and used cartridges increase plastic and electronic waste. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce your impact on the environment. Here are 5 proven tricks for more eco-friendly printing in 2022.

Best approaches if you are interested in how to print more sustainably

Lowering the environmental impact while printing your products can help your brand position itself better than the competition. Customers are getting more educated about the impact on the environment the products that they are using have so they more often opt out for environmentally conscious companies

Recycled cartridges

No, we do not recommend refilling your own cartridges at home. This is highly risky and messy. Instead, get ready-made remanufactured products. For example, Canon ink 245 in the Smart Ink store will help you save money while reducing waste. 

Remanufacturing is more complex than plain refilling. The suppliers collect used OEM products and bring them back to life by cleaning, refurbishing, and refilling. Every product is repeatedly tested before shipping, and the quality is guaranteed by certificates. Look for ISO CE, CE, Reach, or STMC.

Draft mode

Many consumers do not even suspect their printers have an economical mode. Look for Draft in the settings. On Windows, go to the Control Panel to open View Devices and Printers (look in Hardware and Sound). Then, right-click on your device and open Printing Preferences — Quality. 

Typically, the same settings should be accessible when printing any document. The machine will work faster and use less ink. The quality will be visibly inferior, but still readable. Remember to switch back to the standard mode for any important documents.

Use less paper

This step is obvious. Americans alone use 85,000,000 tons of paper annually. Print only when you have to, and use both sides of the page. Before sending another file to the printer, think. Could you view this document as a PDF instead?

Economical fonts

If you are used to typing in Times New Roman, Garamond or Century Gothic, we have great news — you are already using less ink than fans of Arial. These fonts are the most economical ones, according to multiple studies. Whenever possible, avoid bold fonts. 

Reader view

Browser pages can be viewed in a special mode called Reader. It removes all ads, distracting images, and other clutter, leaving just the article text and the most essential graphics. However, not every website supports it by default.

If the mode is not available, use a special extension for the Chrome browser. There are also special Reader view apps for mobile phones — you can view a lighter version, turn it to PDF and send it to your printer. Stop spending precious ink on useless graphics!


These are only some of the possible ways to reduce the ecological impact of printing. Use our tips to start developing more sustainable office habits today. According to research, out of 10,000 pieces of paper used by the average employee annually, 1,400 aren’t even needed! Educate your team about the importance of following the latest environmental guidelines so that everyone is on board with the implementation.

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