How to take time off as a business owner and still thrive

August 12, 2021

Learn how to take time off as a business owner without feeling bad about it

If you want your business to grow, you’ve got to nurture it. And in the earliest stages of your startup, it was expected to put in long hours to get it off the ground. But once you’ve gained momentum and started scaling your business, it’s easy to think you still need to do it all.

Becoming an entrepreneur takes patience, dedication, and most importantly, the insight to know when and how to take time off as a business owner. You can learn just about anything online, however, no one really teaches how to be a good boss and still have time for yourself. 

Build your team

The first step of how to take time off as a business owner is pinpointing which tasks you can outsource. Some of the most time-consuming tasks can be handed off to a virtual assistant. These include customer service, chargebacks, marketing, and content creation. You can find a slew of qualified professionals online on freelance websites. Some of the most popular are Contra, Upwork, and Fiverr. Look for candidates that can multi-task and have more than one set of skills.

Understand the market

Startups come and go, usually because the founder rushed in without taking enough time to truly understand their targeted market. Being able to take time off means understanding how your target audience behaves. It also means having a clear picture of what they expect from you and your business.

Once you know, it’s easier to hand off work to others without the fear of something going wrong. It also makes it easier to train people to perform the tasks you don’t have time to do. To accomplish this, you have several options. 

First, you can analyze data that clearly defines your growth and ROI. From this, you can determine any pain points and learn how to correct those. If your business involves a niche that’s new to you, this step is even more important.

In fact, if you want to advance your education, you should consider returning to college. Loans through private lenders typically offer lower interest rates and more favorable repayment options as well. Earning a degree in your business sector will also help you scale your business even further. Even though the internet provides a lot of useful information, it’s still not the same as what you learn in a university setting.

Start small

Your business probably feels like an extension of you, and all you want is for it to succeed. And while burning the midnight oil seems like the right thing to do, it can have the opposite effect. Being overworked leads to feeling overwhelmed and eventually burnt out. If you’re don’t know how to take time off as a business owner and you’re having a hard time stepping away, start small.

You don’t have to entirely close up shop to give yourself a break. You can start working five days a week instead of seven or stop working an hour or two earlier on certain days. As odd as it might sound, you might need to practice not being so hands-on all the time.

Create the framework

Another way to help yourself feel more comfortable taking a break is to create the framework for the future. Think about business forecasting and where you want your business to be in five, 10, and even 15 years.

If you’re exclusively online, how will you scale to reach a more diverse audience? Will you offer your products, if applicable at other retailers, or sell exclusively through your website? If you have a physical location, do you plan to expand, or do you prefer to keep your business on the smaller side for a cozier feel?

The decisions you make now play a huge role in your future growth. They also help to alleviate the stress that comes naturally from being a business owner.

Listen to your body

There are many things entrepreneurs sacrifice to succeed, but your body shouldn’t be a part of that list. Hence, probably more important than anything else is listening to your body. If you’re feeling run down, overworked and out of energy, it’s time to take a rest. Even when there’s work to do, you can’t perform when you’re exhausted. In addition, being physically exhausted can also lead to mental and emotional burnout, as well as anxiety and depression.

This then leads to an entirely different set of problems, which can impede your company’s growth and possibly undo all of your hard work. Take cues from your body and give yourself time to relax. You’ll be more productive overall when you’ve had time to recharge your batteries. Sometimes stepping away is the best thing you can do for your business.


Finding the delicate balance between your professional and personal life isn’t easy, especially when your business starts to flourish. Learning how to take time off as a business owner obligates finding quality people you can trust. The workforce of today is quite different than it was a few years ago, so finding someone you can delegate work to shouldn’t be too hard.

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