5 tips for increasing product page conversion rates

May 19, 2022

Increasing product page conversion rates

As a business, you want to make as many sales as possible to make profits. To do this, you need to create brand visibility such that most of the population sees your products and services. With the rise in digitalization worldwide, companies continue to adopt digital marketing to showcase their goods.

One way to do this is by creating websites that feature all the information regarding the brand. This includes the specific products you manufacture or supply. Once you’ve done all these, the only way for these techniques to work is if they make potential clients buy these goods or seek your services. This is what is known as conversion.

5 ways to increase product page conversion rates

Here are some tips that will undoudabulty help you increase product page conversion rates.

Use hIgh-quality images

You must include the visuals of a product when selling them online. You can do this through images or videos. The central aspect to factor in is the quality of your images. Remember, your potential clients depend on these images to decide whether they’ll make a purchase or not. 

Therefore, ensure the images you use are replicas of the products. If the product is bright red, the image shouldn’t appear light red or pink. Use a camera with high resolution to take your images to ensure you don’t confuse your customers. Consider adding several images of the product, each showcasing a different product angle. It would also be beneficial to show other information like ingredients, etc., in one of the images.

Many clients make their product choices based on such information. If you sell clothes, showcase a model dressed in the clothing to give the potential client a visual of how the product would look on them. Use human models rather than animations because clients are more likely to trust a product worn by an actual person.

Segment your products

As a business, you probably sell various products. If you’re into beauty products, you could be manufacturing items that deal with different skin conditions and various body parts. Hence, it’s advisable to segment your products and services on your home page. For example, you could separate facial products from hair removal products, etc. On each segment, include a drop-down menu where guests can see the specific products in each category.

With such a system, guests won’t waste too much time identifying what they need. They’ll get them with two or three clicks, increasing customer satisfaction and a high likelihood of purchasing the product again. You may visit sites that have adopted this system. For example, Truckstop.com’s product page segmented by persona could guide you appropriately.

Add CTA buttons

Call-to-action buttons prompt visitors to press them to acquire express services without the dreaded procedures. The message on these buttons is what convinces the potential clients. These calls to action could read ‘buy now,’ ‘click to checkout,’ ‘add to cart,’ etc. The button tells them what will happen should they click the button. 

To prompt guests to click on these, ensure they stand out from the rest of the information on the page. You could use a bright color, such as red, to ensure the words on them are bold enough and that they can be seen against a bright background easily.

Add a live chat

As part of marketing, many brands adopt live chats on their websites to engage visitors. Your live chat should provide any information a guest has regarding your brand or product. 

You could use artificial intelligence, such as chatbots, or designate a worker to handle the chats. With the live chat, visitors will get the data they need without delays. Once they’re satisfied and have all the information they need, they’re likely to go ahead and buy a given product. 

The scenario is different for websites without a live chat. Customers will have to email you for inquiries and clarifications, which you probably won’t see until hours later or the next day. As a result, customers will postpone a purchase and may never drop by your page again because they didn’t get the information they need. This doesn’t sit well for your product page conversion goals.

Show customer reviews

Some customers tend to look at a product’s reviews before making a purchase. Customer reviews give a potential customer an idea of how a product performs and if it does what it says it will do. They trust these reviews because they’re from previous clients with first-hand experience of the product.

Therefore, ensure you include a review section for each product on your page. Encourage previous customers to share their experiences with the product. Likewise, you should post honest reviews and avoid manipulating the system. Remember that a bad experience doesn’t necessarily mean your product doesn’t work. It just shows that different people react differently to certain ingredients. 

Furthermore, including a customer review segment shows clients that your products are of high quality because you’ve given clients the option to share their experiences. This builds trust, prompting the guest to go ahead and make the purchase. 


Once you get the basics, increasing product page conversion rates is a pretty straightforward process. Make sure your product page reflects the quality of the servicer or product that you are offering and you have nothing to worry about. Adopting the tips that we mention in this article, is a great way to ensure that you will get your desired results.

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