Making your recruitment process smoother: 4 proven ways

May 17, 2022

Making your recruitment process smoother

Are you planning to upgrade your recruitment process? Many companies are looking for effective ways to improve their hiring and recruitment process because the competition has been very tough.

There’s a massive shift in embracing digital technology from traditional recruitment methods to reach more applicants and process job applications quickly. But what are the concrete ways to streamline your recruitment process to meet your goals? 

4 ways that will make your recruitment process smoother

This article will explain how businesses can upgrade their recruitment process this 2022.  

Utilize hiring Apps

Because of mobile app technology, business owners and recruitment managers can now easily hire applicants using hiring apps, such as Hirect. Hiring apps are downloadable on Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices and can be used for:

  • Direct and Tailor-Fit Hiring 

Recruitment specialists don’t need to deal with intermediaries because many hiring apps target specific types of applicants, like those who want to apply for start-up positions.  

  • Fast and Easy 

Hiring apps powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can save you time and effort sorting the most qualified from hundreds or thousands of applicants. You can use the search feature depending on the qualifications you require and come up with the best results. 

  • Good Communication Platform 

Employers can message the applicants directly through the messaging feature of the hiring app to discuss their interest in the role. Recruiters and applicants can set additional tests and interviews according to their preferences. 

Revamp your careers page

Nowadays, most job applicants rely on online job portals, company career pages, social media, and other digital platforms to look for vacancies. If you don’t have a careers page, it’s a great time to create one. And if you already have one, you might want to improve the content to make it more appealing to applicants.  

Here are some practical tips to revamp your careers page:  

  • Highlight Employee Benefits and Perks 

More than the job details, it’s normal for applicants to determine the salary and benefits that a company offers. Add more refined details. The more, the better. For instance, include the type and coverage of health insurance you provide to employees. How many paid sick leaves do you allow? Do you have a yearly company awards night or cruise tours?  

  • Include Employee Testimonials 

Job applicants are interested to know what it is like to work for your company. Adding good employee reviews is an excellent way to encourage applicants. They’re more likely to submit their resumes, especially if they feel the sincerity and good company culture as they read your employees’ testimonials. 

  • Make Your Careers Page Mobile-Friendly 

Business owners and managers use online tools to make hiring and recruitment more convenient and straightforward, even if they’re on the go. The same is true with job seekers. So, making your career page responsive on mobile screens is an excellent way to upgrade your recruitment process. 

Creating social media job posts

Most new graduates are active on social media. Take advantage of creating a job post and publishing it on social media to upgrade your recruitment process.  

Here are some tips when advertising a job on social media: 

  • Keep It Short and Interesting 

Social media job posts must be short and sweet. Avoid heavily text content and use visuals, such as infographics, images, and short videos. 

  • Include Relevant Job Details  

You can add relevant job details by including the job title, description, salary, and benefits on your social media post. 

  • Show Your Company Culture 

Use social media to showcase your company culture by posting a short video of your state-of-the-art equipment, fast production, efficient quality control systems, or fun team-building activities.  

  • Link Your Careers Page 

You can post a link to your careers page on your social media post to gain more applicants for your company’s vacant job positions. It’s also a great way to boost your website traffic and business exposure. 

Ask for a self-introduction video

Not all job applicants are willing to take a short video of themselves. But this strategy is an effective way to upgrade your recruitment process, differentiating serious applicants from randomly applying candidates. Moreover, asking for a self-introduction video can help recruitment managers determine if the applicant fits the role based on communication skills and confidence level.


Hiring and recruitment have posed challenges to many business owners in the past year. For one, the great resignation has been an economic trend. Therefore, you need to upgrade your recruitment process to make sure that you attract the best applicants. By implementing the right strategies and adopting the right technology in your recruitment process, you’ll be able to entice more job candidates, especially top talents to join your company.

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