Four must-use channels to do marketing for financial advisors

September 01, 2021

Four marketing channels that financial advisors should use

While some may regard marketing as merely putting up posters and listing your products and services for public viewing, with the hopes of attracting customers, it is a far more complex and integrated process than that. Marketing is an inclusive process that entails conducting market research and establishing a marketing strategy and collateral, however, it is not only limited to these aspects.

Any marketing practitioner would be able to tell you the four key components of marketing; product, price, place, promotion, which form the basis of any successful marketing endeavor. These factors work collectively and are dependent on each other to reach the right audiences, with the aim of converting those leads to sales or service users. 

So, speaking of marketing for financial advisors, some of the common services offered by a financial advisor generally fall under the following three categories; saving, investing, or trading. The first two are quite common and generally understood, while trading can be a bit daunting to some because it includes relatively new concepts such as Forex trading or consulting and advising those who wish to learn indices and share trading.

Successful financial advisors, forming part of the service industry, also make use of the above mentioned process to attract clients. However, within a specialized industry like finance, additional factors such as qualifications, credibility, and holistic knowledge of the industry are of equal importance

Marketing channels worth focusing to nail marketing for financial advisors

Considering that we are now living in the digital age, some marketing activities have become digital and capitalized on the opportunities that exist on the internet. Nowadays, financial advisors tend to use a mix of both digital marketing and traditional marketing elements.

This is because marketing for financial advisors does not necessarily only apply to a certain age group, both young and old people need them, and each generation or target audience is to be communicated within the most appropriate manner.

Digital media

One cannot deny the new world of marketing opportunities that exist because of digital media, which extends to social media marketing for financial advisors, online communities, and influencer marketing, to name a few. In this day and age, when one is seeking a service provider, their first instinct is to check on social media and confirm that the financial advisor has a traceable and credible digital footprint.

When it comes to something as sensitive as finances, digital media can be used to assure potential clients of the financial advisor’s track record and publicize positive client reviews or feedback.

Traditional media

As stipulated above, financial services are for both young and older, and while the youth can be reached online, that is not always the case with the older generation. Older people still rely heavily on television, radio, press releases, newspapers, and magazines for their information.

Because digital media can be somewhat intimidating to some, it is important to speak to them through a channel that best resonates with them. If a financial advisor’s advert pops up in the classifieds section or as a television commercial, the older generation is most likely to believe in the services being offered, so much so that they would be willing to entrust the financial advisor with their money.

Word of mouth

While it is all good and well for you to sell yourself through marketing for financial advisors, nothing builds customer confidence more than hearing a friend, family member, or colleague speaking highly of your services. Therefore, as a marketing activity, one could encourage clients to share their feedback and rate your services, and possibly even offer an incentive for referrals, as brand advocates can sometimes be your strongest and most viable marketing avenue.


While social media marketing for financial advisors is all good and well, it often works in conjunction with a website when establishing a digital footprint. A website is that much more credible if it has a unique domain, you or your company’s name, as it gives added confirmation that you are not a fly-by-night financial advisor. Moreover, it can be used to list your qualifications, previous clients, track record, etc.

This is something that potential clients can access 24/7 and immediately consider you as their financial advisor based on your credentials. 


Contrary to popular belief, marketing is not a one-size-fits-all activity, as different audiences should be communicated with through the most fitting channel. That being said, when working on marketing for financial advisors, the channels mentioned above should be your focus. Read them carefully and start implementing them in your business.

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