Benefits of meeting meditation in a business environment

April 11, 2022

Meeting meditation a business must try

Stress is the ultimate killer for productivity and apparently for business meetings. Is there a way to shield yourself from it in such important business moments? Yes, there is – meeting meditation. A practice to clear your mind of stress, anger, and other negative emotions that might arise.

Before you laugh and brush the idea aside, do you even know what is a meeting meditation? Simply put, it’s a way of meditation to open a meeting.

The perks of meeting meditation

No matter if you’re having a staff meeting or a meeting with the board, meditation before meeting is slowly working its way to becoming the new normal. Here is why:

A meeting meditation is quick

It will not interfere with your working schedule. You can choose different lengths of meditation for meetings that last from 1 minute to 10 minutes. So, having no time can’t be your excuse.

A vast array of meditation techniques to choose from

Everything isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. Depending on your company’s culture and what you want to achieve with meditation you can try out anything from these types of meditation. Remember that every type is applicable to meditation for staff meeting. A safe choice is guided meditation to start a meeting, but is entirely up to you.

Gives you calm in the storm

Meditation is proven not only to reduce stress levels, but to give a sense of calm throughout the day. And if you need something in a business meeting, that’s definitely calm and cool heads. 

It helps with increasing patience and tolerance and also it is the leader in reducing anxiety. And we all know how nerves can get in the way of everything.

Meeting meditation is like love – it don’t cost a thing

There’s nothing to lose by trying meeting meditation. You and your staff can only benefit from it. And even if you don’t, what’s the harm of trying things free of charge? From all of the ways to implement free or cheap business changes, meditation before meeting is one of the most innovative.

Yes, there are professionals you can hire for guided meditation to start a meeting. That being said, we live in the age of accessible knowledge at any time so all you need is some tips on how to do a meeting mediation.

In a world running towards the future – it keeps you in the present

That’s right – meetings are often set for enhancing efficiency in business, deciding on the next move, or to see what went wrong in the past. So, the mindset of everyone in the meeting shifts from the future to the past on a daily basis.

It is well known that we shape the future with the decisions we make in the present and being present in the moment is what meeting meditation is all about. It makes a person aware of where he/she is in the now and keeps them grounded.

Focusing on the present will take you to a better version of your future.

Open up locked away creativity with meeting meditation

How can a person be creative if he/she is not relaxed? When it comes to business, you want to extract every bit of imagination and creativity from everyone in the room. It’s what will guide you to fresh ideas, out of the box thinking and better solutions to problems. 

Scientifically it’s proven that if a person is relaxed, the creative juices start to flow immediately. Meeting meditation will relax everyone.

Improves the working relationship strength

Whether you are in a meeting with clients, colleagues, or employees – doing something out of the borders of professionalism, can bring you together. Think of it as a small team-building exercise that you can do at a moment’s notice.

How to start implementing meeting meditation if you haven’t tried it before

It’s common practice not to try something simply because you haven’t tried it before. But, meditation for meetings is so easy – trust us. 

Firstly, put the idea out there so it doesn’t come as a shock. Speak about meeting meditation in a previous meeting before you try it or simply write an email or a memo. Be sure to explain the details of why you are doing this.

Once everyone knows, start off the next meeting by informing everyone that they have to close their eyes and start taking deep breaths (nose-in, mouth-out). Then, tell them to simply put all the focus on their breathing and to let pass any thought that comes to mind freely. Kindly ask them to stay quiet and keep doing what they are doing. You don’t need to set up an alarm or anything, trust your inner clock. Once is over, go ahead with your meeting.


It is safe to say that meditation before meeting has become a standard practice for a lot of companies of different sizes. Trends become trends for a reason. A fresh and spiritual practice that leads to more achievements and success was bound to become a trend. Try it or not, its benefits are indisputable. And because of that, we strongly recommend it.

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