Why niching holds the key to marketing success

December 15, 2020

target a niche market if you want to succeed

Louise Burke, founder of Zapp Communications and a highly experienced PR and Marketing professional with over 25 years’ experience, explains why niching holds the key to your marketing success and how to do it properly.

Do you ever get people cold calling (or cold emailing) you? I do all the time even though I’ve signed up to the telephone preference service. It’s annoying, isn’t it? The chances of me wanting to buy from them are very slim. That’s why niching is important, particularly when you’re first starting out. So, let me ask you. How do you stand out from the crowd? Do you clearly define what it is you do and who you help? 

At the beginning of 2020 there were 5.9 small businesses in the UK. Since then, it is thought that more than three quarters of a million new companies have been formed. That’s one busy marketplace – 2054 per day to be precise. Granted they won’t all be in your marketplace, but the chances are some competitors will have sprung up.

If you aren’t clear about who you are helping and what problem you’re solving then how will customers find you, like you and buy from you? The answer is they probably won’t, well not easily. 

What is niche marketing?

When I say niching, I mean focusing on a specific offering in your business and sharing it with your target audience consistently for a concerted period. I call it your one special thing. The chances are if I asked you what it is you do you or offer to your clients you would probably be able to reel off half a dozen things and while that’s great it often makes it harder for people to understand what they can buy from you. 

Why is having a niche so important?

Niching is important because it sets you apart in a hugely crowded marketplace. It clearly tells your target audience where your expertise is and how you are best placed to serve them. I hear you cry “but if I focus on one thing how will they know what else I do?” I get that but it doesn’t have to be forever. You can tell them more about what else you do when you have established a relationship.

How to find your niche in business?

As a business this a process you need to go through. You must analyse where your strengths lie. Think about which part of your business is the most successful, where you can provide the most value and what generates the most revenue? All are important factors. Make a list and then decide on your niche from there. Ultimately it is your decision, but my advice is to make it something that you enjoy and get satisfaction from too.

How to define your niche?

So, you could, for example, niche in a particular geographical area or a particular market sector and focus on specific expertise. Here are some examples:

  • Providing tax accountancy services to financial services companies in Surrey
  • Supporting Newcastle businesses with social media management services
  • Providing HR recruitment services to businesses in the South West.

By doing this, it becomes very clear who you are serving and what you are offering for you as well as for them. 

Advantages of niche marketing

Niche marketing makes selling easier because you are targeting a specific audience and you can ensure that your offering is tailored to meet the needs of your audience. They will immediately know that you are perfectly positioned to help them.

Because you are clear on what you’re offering then your content will flow more easily. Everything that you create can be done so with your target audience in mind. You can share testimonials of your experience in this sector, you can talk about specific challenges facing people in this sector, you can write blogs, you can share relevant posts on social media. You can create video and more. The opportunities to appeal and resonate are endless.

In this busy crowded marketplace don’t make assumptions that your audience understands what you’re selling. You must make it clear beyond doubt. Making it obvious what you do, who you help and how you can help them means that your target audience can not only get to know you, they can decide if they like you, value you, understand how you can help them and ultimately buy from you. 

It doesn’t stop there you must be consistent and show up regularly, re-enforcing your offering with relevant content. Give it time, it’s not a quick fix, but you will be on the road to marketing and sales success. Good luck!

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