Why and how to outsource mobile app development without risk

July 07, 2020

 how to outsource mobile app development

Alex Vasylenko, CEO of AVA.codes, breaks down the reasons why you should outsource mobile app development and how to do it risk-free.

You know that nowadays billions of people are using smartphones – this number grows by the day. And the more people switch to mobile, the more companies follow. It’s a bit expensive to make a custom mobile app for business. Particularly if you’re covering both platforms—iOS and Android. That’s why businesses often turn to application development outsourcing. 

In fact, outsourcing is more affordable, and the quality usually stays the same. So, in this post, I’m explaining how to deal with outsourcing risks and complexities. I will also give you some important points to think about if you choose upon offshore app development. 

So, let’s get started

Advantages of outsourcing mobile application development

Saved time

If you choose the outstaffing model when outsourcing the app development, you will not waste much time on hiring, training, and maintaining workers. Of course, you will get a ready-made team that has made several similar projects, developed many apps, and can contribute to your project with their experience. And the faster the start, the faster the time-to-market.

Lower costs

When you’re working with outsource mobile app development firms, you’re paying for the work done. Not for appliances, furniture, and office rent. Office rent may really be a huge problem if you’re on restricted funds. It’s quite expensive to rent an office near large tech hubs.

Moreover, the cost of living in, for example, India, China, or Eastern Europe, is significantly lower than in the US, UK, or Western Europe. Hence, even the highest outsourcing rates in, say, Ukraine will be lower than those in the US.

How to outsource mobile app development without any risks

Remember before you outsource mobile app development or web app development, you can resort to some measures that can help you reduce or eliminate any possible risks.

I think the first step that you should take is to partner up with a dependable software development company.

The second step is to make sure that all expectations are to be met. You must establish a solid rapport with the outsourcing company from the beginning. If they aren’t satisfied with what they’re delivering, then you can take action and in a worst-case scenario have a painless way out and get the money back. Please follow this rules:

Test phases and account management

As for me, I recommend doing a trial with a test assignment rather than spending large sums upfront. For example, set up a short trial period of 2 or 4 weeks. During this period, the development team will give you their best possible services and you can decide if they are right for your project.

Do a thorough research

Some outsource app-building firms may ask you to pay too much, others will show unexisting works in their portfolio or fake client reviews. It’s not difficult to cut these risks by conducting thorough checks on their websites and talking to their management. That’ll give you a general idea of how they communicate and whether they’re interested to truly help you or just take your money.

Store the source code in a client account

Many studies show that the easiest way to avoid issues later on is for the client to own the place where the code is stored. Simply, this means storing the code in a repository in one of the source code management tools – owned by the client. (Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab etc.)

This will allow you to take custody of the code immediately, which prevents the software development company from not transferring you the code in the case of a disagreement.

It can also help you hedge the risk of having to pay for a poor quality code – as long as this is specified in your contract.

Avoid paying out large lump sums early on

It is prudent to request as detailed cost breakdown as possible. Knowing what you’re paying for is of utmost importance. Additionally, avoid paying large lump sums in the early phase of the project.

Understand cultural differences

Mobile app development firms from different parts of the world have different cultures. Hence having a different work approach can result in a different understanding of an issue. Make sure you hire a company that has a similar company culture as you do because they’ll be your extended team for a while. This way you’ll avoid mishaps and misunderstandings that could lead to disastrous results.

Be careful with private information

If you want to outsource your project to a remote app development team, you will have to trust sensitive data to them. Please be very attentive! To minimize the risk of mishandling your private data, you, and the outsourcing company should take all reasonable legal measures. The best is to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Leverage escrow

One of the main advantages of using hiring platforms like YouTeam, Upwork, TopTal is that they give escrow services. Thus you only pay if you are satisfied with the quality of the work you got. Pretty much the same is done with the code, people call this source code escrow.


Apps rule the world and there’s an app for nearly everything. That’s why the demand for app developers is continually growing. Small wonder app development outsourcing is becoming such a trend. Before you sign the deal with an outsourcing company, make sure all risky areas are covered.

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