Pros and cons of creating a mobile application for business

June 13, 2022

Pros and cons of creating a mobile application for business

More and more companies are trying to add such a tool of interaction with the client to their arsenal. But before choosing the main goal of creating a mobile application, it is important not to miss a number of questions. For example, how relevant is it for a particular business, and will the development bring real benefits? And what if the idea is good, but the implementation is so terrible that the user will delete the application immediately after launch?

For high-quality services, you can contact a custom software development company. They have highly trained professionals that help choose the best option for you when it comes to creating a mobile application.

Mobile application development technologies

Let’s start with the fact that the creation of applications, as well as the development of an idea, requires a goal. This can be either an increase in the lifetime value of the client or the simplification of any systematic routine actions, perhaps the stimulation of direct sales, etc. This is necessary to create a strategy, where the tasks for its achievement will be more precisely set. It is impossible to do without understanding the target audience, as well as its preferences. This issue is directly related to the choice of development technology. For example, if your users do not include Apple product owners, then there is no need to spend effort and money on developing an iOS version.

The applications themselves are divided into cross-platform and native. As a rule, a professional team for developing a mobile application can handle any of the options.

Setting the purpose of creating an application

Setting the purpose of creating an application Applications for sites have advantages for business. However, experts in the field of e-commerce advise before taking up the creation of applications, think about the main goal they will serve.

An increase in data collection (offline and online). Having determined the goal, it is necessary to build a strategy for its achievements and think about what kind of tools in the application will contribute to this goal. Also, the future owner of the application must decide with which type of application he wants to work: native, cross-platform, or hybrid.

Development of applications for iOS and Android devices

The main difference between these operating systems is the number of supported devices, which Android has much more. Therefore, the development of applications for Android is a longer process, since optimization (setting up support for all required screens and processors) requires a significant amount of time. But this minus is also a plus at the same time: more devices – higher coverage. If the target audience needs to use the iOS app development option, then the emphasis is on friendly design, an intuitive interface, and other actions to increase user loyalty.

Benefits of a mobile application for business

According to results from Cisco AppDynamics, the pandemic and lockdown increased the use of digital services and applications by 30%. With such hype, you should not miss the opportunity to stay in touch and better understand your client. Creating mobile business applications will allow:

    • apply modern technologies (for example, augmented reality);
    • keep the client’s attention only on their offers (as opposed to a website where the user can easily go to a competitor);
    • work directly with your target audience in any place convenient for them;
    • shorten, simplify and improve the customer journey;
    • receive instant feedback from users;
    • increase audience loyalty;
    • produce more accurate and faster analytics, such as the number of customers, costs and profits, etc.

Risks when developing a mobile application

With all the positive aspects, a mobile application is like a steeplechase over a long distance – to be successful, you need to be well prepared for its creation. As much as loyalty can be increased, just as quickly it can be lost if the application interface is overloaded and the application itself is buggy. The user will also primarily blame the owners of the application, and not the ISP, for slow downloads. Therefore, the issue of optimization and possible offline operation is extremely important.

The application needs stable support and updates: releases of new versions of operating systems occur all the time, from which there is a need to make changes. And this smoothly flows into the financial component of this issue – not every company can pull long-term support.

To eliminate the main risks, it is important to remember that a team of professionals should be involved in the development of mobile applications. And agencies that specialize in this can help you figure out the most appropriate solution for the desired result.

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