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To assure your journey through the platform runs smoothly we created a quick guide you can follow. It should work just like road signs pointing you in the right direction. Follow them to uncover the full potential of Enterprise League and turn it to your benefit.

1. Register

First things first, it’s 100% Free, so we’re not asking you to enter any payment information. All we ask for is:

  • An active email (preferably your business email)
  • Your company’s name
  • Address where your company is registered
  • Classify your company in an industry & sector (to make it easily discoverable for your future business partner)

Et voilà, your profile has been created!

Now you should get a confirmation email, make sure you click on the link in the email to activate your profile.

Confirm email

When you click on the activation link, you will be asked to enter your password – this will make your profile active. Now you can go to https://enterpriseleague.com/login and make your first login into Enterprise League!

2. Fill in your profile

Note* None of the fields are obligatory, but we strongly advise you to fill in all of them in order to build a more trustworthy reputation and gain more exposure to other companies on the platform.

The more details you have, the more other firms can find ways to collaborate with you.


Additional generic information required when signing up are: industry, sector, location, website, telephone number, additional email address, number of employees and slogan/review.
Note* There is the option to include multiple industries and sectors in order to better showcase all your business operations.

About Your Firm:

This is the most important section that can bring you so many business opportunities and deals. This information is seen by other companies when they visit your profile and determines whether they would see a potential collaboration with you and contact you, or skip your company because of incomplete information.

Following are the questions we advise you to answer.

Who are we? – Write a short description about your company and how you started.

Also explain what your company strives to achieve, what your company’s values are, and your company’s background, to add credibility to your company’s profile.

What we offer? – List your products and services with photos and short descriptions for each of them.

Include information such as product specifications, features, pricing and anything a potential buyer would want to know about your product. The same concept applies to your service offerings, such as terms of service, specifications, pricing etc.

Additionally it’s helpful to include an image to represent your service or product in order to facilitate the understanding of what the offer is.

What are we looking for? – Tell other companies what types of collaboration are you open to.

This is an extremely important section, it explains exactly what kind of firms you are looking to do business with. Here you can include that you have the need for specific products and are looking for such a supplier, or a service provider that offers a lower price for a certain service, or even search for potential business partners to enter a new market.

Our advice is to keep this section on your mind so that whenever you get a need for a specific product/service/collaboration etc. you can update it and get relevant firms to contact you at the right time.


Mission – Explain your company’s mission in short.
A company’s mission is important to show others what you’re striving to change or improve in the world. It can be anything from providing better, more versatile or less expensive value offerings, to opening jobs and disrupting industries. This section helps companies to work with companies in whose mission they believe, hence giving them a sense of greater fulfillment.

Certificates, licences, relevant documents – If you have any, upload them as pictures.

Including certificates, licenses and other relevant documents increases your company’s credibility, shows the quality level of your products/services and the professional qualifications your company has.


Enterprise League enables you to publish relevant information about your company. There are two types of posts: normal and tender posts.

Normal posts are designed to allow you to write about your firm’s activities, news, announcements, etc. You can choose to share it with your connections or make it public to everyone on the platform.

Tender posts are designed to help you publish and advertise business opportunities quickly and easily. These posts are marked with a special sign to differentiate them from the normal posts and enable other companies to find it and propose their offers.

Note* Just like with explore, you can apply the same search filters to search through all posts published on the platform (normal and tender included).


Use filters such as location, industry, sector, no. of employees and keywords to tailor your search and find future business partners.


Manage connections, communicate with messages, review tender bidders, generate leads and promote your business for free.

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