How to Stay MOTIVATED in Your Small Business

Mar 21, 2019

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small business motivation

Nothing is impossible! This is not just a Nike ad; it is reality. A lot of small business owners lack the motivation to make their business better. It is in our nature as humans to forget that we can accomplish anything, only if we remain determined and never give up.

As a new small business entrepreneur, you must nurture your motivation to get better. Be sure that no business goes through growth periods constantly. Do you know Uber? Of course, you do. It nearly went bankrupt back in 2010 with lawsuits and bad publicity. Since then, it got back on their feet and generated roughly 10 billion dollars in revenue per year.

Most business owners are not happy with the path their business has taken. They complain about everything – bad store location, laws that benefit the competitors, lacking personnel and technology, and sometimes even the weather. Complain, complain and do nothing. No.

If you want the right motivation to start a new business, you should forget about complaining. Remember that happiness creates success, and gratitude keeps you focused.

Why Is Motivation Important in Business?

The biggest obstacle for any entrepreneur is to realise their true potential, and effectively put it to use. We all know the business world is harsh, with one wrong move, you can be out.
However, to remain in the game, you must have the right motivation. How motivated your company remains depends on how much mental strength the leadership is showing– that means You.

Motivation is a tool used to stimulate yourself and your employees. Having motivated employees brings increased productivity and efficiency in your company.
Additionally, putting the right motivation tools in effect, will make your employees work harder and quicker, while still enjoying the process.

You’ll see that when everyone is motivated to become a better professional, changes will start to happen, and restructuring will come naturally i.e. people will adapt faster.

How Do Businesses Stay Motivated?

I know that sometimes it’s hard to find the right motivation for a small business. However, small business inspirations come from everywhere. Try watching a TED talk, or read a motivational book on how to grow your business, or even listen to some old-school rap.

Also don’t forget to talk with other small business owners and exchange ideas. Furthermore, speak to your customers, and hear their opinions about your products/services.
It is highly probable that they will give you some valuable suggestions, which will motivate you to create a new product or service that may revolutionise your business.


“Every new product, every new customer is a victory for your company. These small wins are the driving force that keeps you and your employees motivated to come to work the following day. Stay positive and remain calm, success will be yours.”

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