Ноw to expand your team right with staff augmentation

June 22, 2022

Ноw to expand your team right with staff augmentation

Picture this: the project is on the go, and the whole team is doing their best to transform the requirements into perfectly functioning features. At some point, there are other parts of the project that are still hanging in the air and the deadlines that are approaching with rocket speed. So, the managers start facing the fact that staff needs are no longer covered, and reinforcements are needed.

To find tech specialists for hire in the short term is virtually impossible for various critical reasons. Pursuing quality, the selection must be thorough , local offers may not be able to satisfy the demand, or simply there is no physical option to accommodate more people on site. That’s where IT staff augmentation enters the room and performs high-quality tech aid.

Staff augmentation services overview

Staff augmentation in the IT sphere is a proven representative of the most popular staffing models. This outsourcing strategy enables businesses to attract highly professional tech services  and specialists externally for a certain period of time in order to maximize productivity, add quality to the project or service being delivered, save the budget from exhaustion, and cut on the stress from hiring procedures that will promise nothing.

IT staff augmentation enhances the company’s in-house development team by supplying it with the best tech talent resources. Staff augmentation firms offer outsourcing services following the contract that defines the needs and ways the vendor will meet them. People that are recommended for the job by the staff augmentation company are sure to possess broad expertise, relevant education,  experience, outstanding knowledge, and skill base. 

The company in need gets to cooperate with a dedicated team augmentation. Such experience is equal to working with an in-house team, yet all the employment matters are handled by a third-party organization with an indeed excellent HR infrastructure.

When a Business Might Need Staff Augmentation

Business needs grow exponentially according to the present-day global needs and strong competition within the niche. Even with quite a developed employment department and strong tech human resources, there might always arise a need for more bright minds to put all the project parts together exactly as the idea meant it. Here are some clear indicators for talent team staffing boost:

Lack of tech specialists

There is a chance of not having enough developers to be hired from the local tech market and searching will take time and slow the recruitment procedures down. Cost-efficiency will be compromised and irrational time allocation will harm the productivity of the development process.

Lack of on-site space and resources

The in-house team is fully equipped with a place for comfortable work and all the necessary tech gadgets. If the project outruns the possibilities of the in-house team, quantity-wise, then there is a need for more people to join the group. Yet, there might be no space to accommodate them and provide tech wealth fast and efficiently.

Remote augmentation serves perfectly

Remote developers, remote recruiters, remote writers, etc., bring the same value to the process and demonstrate great quality due to being immersed in a comfortable working environment.

A dedicated team extension is needed

Some outsourcing models do not allow much potential for the customer to communicate with the team directly as well as to have an option to know the team to create a feeling of belonging to the local employees. Since, when there is no separation, strong bonding results in a smooth workflow and solid mutual understanding.

Hiring strategies must upgrade and adjust in accordance with what the current business tendencies dictate. The way companies were closing positions yesterday may no longer be valid, effectiveness-wise, today.

Pros and cons of staff augmentation

Pretty much neither concept is unequivocal. No matter how good something is, before making the final decision, one must get familiar with both sides of the story, good and not so good one.

Pros of the staff augmentation

    • Cost-efficiency. You have to pay the vendor, yet it comes with less budget spending in comparison with bringing more staff on board.

    • Productivity enrichment. Top-tech talents familiar with the peculiarities of the project are offered by staff augmentation firms. By default, this is the path to success.

    • Flexibility. Team extension is quite flexible and easy to adapt to whatever the business situation is and how to fix any arising issues fast.

    • Security. The company holds control of any business aspects and all IP rights.

    • Access to rare skills and technology. By the definition, staff augmentation has to supplement where there is a lack of certain necessities. It’s the same way legit when it comes to supplementing skills that are needed for the definite project stage, or tech competence that will maximize the process.

Cons of for staff augmentation

    • New members integration. It might take some time to introduce new people to the group and to the working process. Therefore, the company must have a very well-developed structure on how to make that fast and friendly.
    • More management roles. More employees will need more managers to handle and monitor the work.
    • Extra training. Even the developer with an excellent skill set might need some training on how exactly the company sees those skills to be applied. Not bad, just time-consuming.

Having a clear picture of the gist of the augmentation services makes it easy to analyze the benefits the services deliver and whether those will be able to compensate for the slight disadvantages.

Staff augmentation vs other staffing models

Let’s take a look at how the staff augmentation model is to be compared with other existing ones.

Managed services vs staff augmentation

Managed services outstaffing models not only supply the tech specialists for the project to be developed but usually take the whole process up, allowing very little involvement from the company. Little influence on the workflow may deliver the result that was not required by the customer.

Dedicated development team vs staff augmentation

The company gets to have full control of the development process. Yet at the same time, this is going to be a full team of specialists that needs quite a lot of negotiation, training, and explanation of the peculiarities.

Staff augmentation remains the most optimal way of dealing with the staff shortage. Though its potential will unfold depending on the individual business needs, that might be altered and modified within the development process.


Nowadays it is so convenient to have the back-up for the business in whatever areas it is needed. Staff augmentation in IT is a critical option since the exact scale for the project might manifest itself when the development is already in the heating process and the help must come rapidly, producing the expected outcomes.

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