The SECRET Ingredient for Happiness in Your Job

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While we celebrate International Happiness Day, ask yourself – are you happy at work? Do you have a smile on your face when you arrive at work?

The answer should be “Yes”. Wonder why?  Because if you want to succeed with a carrier, experts point out that you should just be happy with what you do.

Whether we are successful in life, or not, emotions play a big part. As we grow professionally, we also grow emotionally. You may as well not love your current job, but that should not stop you from fulfilling your maximum potential.

It is time to stop being sad, and be awesome again!

What Does Happiness at the Workplace Represent?

Happiness at work is more than just being satisfied. It is a combination of work engagement, job satisfaction, commitment and loyalty to the firm. To do your job in the best way possible, you need to be motivated.

Many managers forget that their companies grow because of the hard work of their employees. Keeping everybody motivated is not accomplished only by the promise of a raise. It may play a role, but in reality it’s so much more.

There are so many different personalities in your company, and keeping them all happy may seem impossible. However, when you know what makes a worker happy, you can build tools for better mood management.

Motivation Is Key.

To bring out the best of the potential of your employees, you need to create a good working environment. If the current mood in the workplace is positive, it can spread contagious creativity and productivity throughout. Also, a positive attitude can create a different point of view towards the workplace, and increase the levels of job satisfaction and task completion.

Take Google for example. Employees are generally happy there. Why? Maybe because they have many facilities, including a huge buffet that actually looks more like a five-star restaurant. Also, there is a gaming room where employees take time off to relax and socialise.

They have even more facilities which offer pleasure and relaxation — no wonder why people want to work for Google so much. Furthermore, from a professional point of view, every idea is welcomed at Google. Regardless of your position, if the idea is credible, you will be rewarded. Even if an idea you have is considered silly by someone, it is still taken into consideration.

These are just perks to make going to work more fun, but does it represent happiness? Well, it adds to the current mood of workers, but it does not play as significant of a role as people think. The main satisfaction comes from work engagement and commitment to it. The Google management motivates their people to love their jobs.

Work Engagement

Work engagement is thebehaviour that paints the workplace in the colour of happiness. It is a positive attitude that leads to even more positive outcomes. Therefore, if you or your employees have high levels of work-engagement, then you will be more energetic and dedicated to your tasks.

Science, or to be more precise psychology, has been researching this field for many years. It concludes that, if the levels of motivation and satisfaction are always on the high end of the spectrum, employees will improve their skills and knowledge, hence deliver better results.

So, how can you keep high-levels of work engagement? Motivate your workers by being on their side, even if things do not go as planned, tap them on their back and say “Good job”. One good word can sometimes refresh the work rhythm.

What About Job Commitment?

Commitment means that you will give your best to do any task for your organisation. Full commitment depends on two aspects: if your employer satisfies your needs both intellectually and financially, and the second one – if the field you work in matches your intellectual goals. In some cases, we take jobs that do not satisfy us as intellectuals, but it helps us reach our financial goals.

Therefore, we make sacrifices for a better life and choose a job that does not make us happy as individuals. Although, being financially stable at those moments may mean a lot, there are some cases when people take these types of jobs and start loving it with time. In life, we must be ready for anything.

When we take a job we love, we should be happy, right? Again, all falls down to psychology. If we have high expectations and those are not met, we lose the commitment we had before. If you want to succeed and be happy, you must adapt. Don’t expect from others too much; take them as a stepping stone for your final goal – success. The faster you adjust, the more time is left to succeed.


“If you want to succeed and be happy, you must adapt. Don’t expect from others too much; take them as a stepping stone for your final goal – success. “


A step further than commitment. These days it is hard to find loyal employees. Loyalty is hard to build and ever harder to maintain, because the market constantly forces employees to look for better opportunities. Loyalty from both sides is essential, if you want to be happy at work.

Showing that you care, will motivate your workers to do a better job and raise their level of happiness. Moreover, if the support is mutual, you will create a strong loyal relationship. And when the time to part ways comes, you will leave grateful and in a good manner, knowing that you’ve been happy there.


“Finally, we can state that if you want to be more successful at anything, you need to love it and work with passion. If you are not happy with your current position, then do something about it. Either change work, or adapt and start enjoying it.”

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