Effective Time Management Tips for Insanely Busy People That You Can Implement Now

Apr 2, 2019

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Tick-tock. All of a sudden, a five minutes meeting became a two-and-a-half-hour confusion-feast full of stress and disorientation without any breakthrough.

As an entrepreneur, you become less flexible as your venture grows. How many times have your employees come to you with their problems and bam –  half of your day is lost?

Improve Your Time Management Skills and Techniques

Time is money and with the right time management skills, you’ll have both. If you don’t use practical time management techniques, chances are, you will fail. Moreover, schedule mismanagement will leave you stressed, tired and unfocused – your mental health will suffer much.

The time has come for a change. To make things flexible again, here are some time management tips for work that are bound to maximise the productivity of your employees.

1. Start Your Day with a Meeting about Assignments

Every day should start with a quick meeting to talk your employees through their tasks and deadlines. This is, without a doubt, one of the most effective time management strategies that many entrepreneurs use to increase productivity for themselves and their employees.

2. Determine the Goal of the Meeting

Many entrepreneurs make the same mistake – they go to a meeting without any idea on what to say and even less on what the outcome of the meeting should be. For instance, if it is about a problem in some department, you must offer a solution and not only complain about how hard things are at the moment.

People tend to forget the primary goal of the meeting and get distracted with other topics. Stay on track, present your propositions on solving the issue and the conference will be over quickly, and everybody will get back to being productive once again. Therefore, set your goals prior the meeting and improvements will start showing immediately.

3. Keep Things Short by Being More Straightforward

Following orders is one thing, giving them is entirely different. Always be direct with your suppliers, teams or employees when you ask information or give orders. For instance, when you make a call, immediately tell the other person that the following conversation will be short and then get straight to the point.

If you don’t practice this time management solution, conversations can go on for hours, covering many subjects and you might even forget why you started in the first place.

4. Forget about Micromanaging Everything

Imagine if you had to micromanage every customer, employee and supplier in an 8 hour time-window. Even though micromanagement is good for some aspects of your business, if you do it everywhere and all the time, you will waste too much energy and time without achieving anything.

Once you give a project task to a team leader, communicate only with them and try not to micromanage the project yourself. It is their job and you should trust them to handle it properly.

5. Invest Little Time on Small Decision

As things advance, you will get to the point when you will have many departments and even more employees. There will be times when your staff will bother you with unimportant matters, such as whether green or white is better for the kitchen.

Don’t waste a lot of time on irrelevant decisions and aim to make quick calls, this way you will have more time to focus on important issues.


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