5 essential tips for building brand awareness

July 06, 2021

Tips for building brand awareness
Brand awareness is the process that businesses of all sizes use to generate recognition for the products and services that they offer. Companies generate brand awareness through various techniques, including design, social media, messaging, advertisements, and more. But, since that can be overwhelming, we are listing you the most effective tips for building brand awareness so you can make sure you do it the right way.

Most effective tips for building brand awareness

Simply put, brand awareness is the knowledge that a brand exists and having an idea about what it offers. Consider some well-known brands like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. These are some great examples of brand awareness done right. So, follow these tips for building brand awareness and put your business name on the map.

Identify your differences

The first step to building a strong brand identity lies in identifying a trait or set of traits that set you apart from the competition, that is your unique selling point (USP). When it comes to creating brand awareness, it’s important to study your competitors and figure out how they do and don’t define their brands, to help you determine the brand characteristics that you can call your own. 

Branding consistency

If you think about all the big brands that have excellent brand awareness, one thing is for sure – their branding is highly consistent. If your brand strategy operates differently depending on the channel, or your brand looks and feels different in some places compared to others, decoding your brand is going to be difficult for your audience, and it will be hard to recognize your brand and what it is all about.

Therefore, one of the most important tips for building brand awareness is crafting a consistent message and keeping all your channels in harmony, including your website, online ads, social media profiles, print advertisements, and more. Be creative, because there are no more excuses for bad branding. Today there are a lot of brand design tips on a budget, so branding is affordable for everyone.

Tell your story

When it comes to brand awareness, the brand bios that you write for social media might be limited, with not enough space offered to let your brand strategy really shine through. As a result, to really develop your brand strategy and increase awareness, you may want to consider writing about your brand story on a dedicated page on your website.

Lots of your efforts for brand awareness are likely to lead to your website in one way or another, and the About Us or Our Story page is going to be one of the focal points on your site. Use it to explain more about what sets your brand apart from the others and why people should feel good about choosing you. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is more important than many realize when it comes to building brand awareness. Appearing in the top results when people search for keywords that are relevant to your brand can be more powerful than you think when it comes to generating recognition from your audience and gaining their interest.

So, using and SEO tools for business growth and getting the desired results not only does it show your audience that your brand is highly relevant to the terms that they are searching for, but most users will trust the highest results in Google to be reputable and recognizable brands. 

Know your audience

Finally, the most important tip for building brand awareness is getting to know and understand your audience. You won’t know how to build brand awareness that appeals to the right people if you have no idea who they are.

Before creating your brand, it’s important to carefully define your target audience so that you will be able to attract the right customers and clients and avoid mismatches between your brand and who it advertises to. Spend time talking to your customers directly to find out more from them about what they like regarding your brand and if they have any ideas for what you might be able to do differently; this can be a very powerful way to determine what is likely to work. 


In a highly competitive environment for most businesses today, building strong brand awareness has never been more important. That being said, you should focus on your brand by following these proven tips for building brand awareness. 

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