10 tips to save money and time on airport parking

November 07, 2022

Tips for saving on airport parking

There are many different questions that come to mind when looking to book a getaway. Questions include: “where is my destination?”, “how long am I staying at said destination?”, “ what is my budget?”, “where will I be flying out of?”, and so on. 

There is another question that often comes to mind when looking to fly out for your getaway and that question is “is there anyway I can avoid these expensive airport parking prices?”. The answer is yes and if you stick with us, you will find out 10 ways to save money and time on airport parking. 

Use an off airport parking lot

A wonderful option when looking to avoid the hefty prices that tend to come with parking at the airport is parking at an off airport parking lot. Off airport parking lots tend to not be far from the airport you are flying out of and they usually have much cheaper parking rates than the airport. One great off airport parking company that will be sure to give you the cheapest parking rate available is On Air Parking. On Air Parking specializes in providing an affordable and convenient place to park with rates that often are 3 times cheaper than the airport’s parking rates as well as a 24/7 shuttle service that will take you to and from the
airport as needed. Offering services in
airport parking Phoenix, San Francisco (SFO), Houston (HOU) along with almost most of the airports in the US.

Look online for coupons through websites

The second option on this list when looking for a way to save time and money on airport parking would be to look online for coupons for your specific airport. Many airports offer deals that may not be advertised on the airport’s website but can be easily found through various third party websites. These coupons are more common to come by when you are looking to park at an airport’s economy parking lot. 

Sign up for the airports rewards programs

Another great tip for when you are trying to save your time and money when considering parking at the airport is to sign up for the airport’s rewards programs. If you find yourself flying rather often, this is a great option for you. Many different airports offer frequent flyer programs that can not only save you money on flights but also on your parking. Ask questions with your specific airport to find out more on the different programs they offer, you may be surprised at just how much money you could save. 

Fly out of a smaller, regional airport

The 4th tip on this list for saving time and money on airport parking is by flying out of a smaller airport, such as a regional airport. Now, it is understood that this is not always possible, however, if you can find a smaller airport nearby that can take you to the same destination, this is highly recommended. Smaller airports tend to not be as busy, which translates to there being more parking spaces available, which also translates to cheaper parking rates. Some smaller airport’s even offer free parking!

Use ground transportation to get to the airport

Another tip to avoid the high prices that parking at the airport usually entails is by not parking at the airport or anywhere for that matter and instead take advantage of ground transportation that can take you from your home and to the airport. Depending on where you live, this may or may not be possible, but for most, it will be. Great options for ground transportation include having a taxi service pick you up or by having an uber or lyft take you. Having ground transportation take you to and from the airport allows you to only have to worry about the fares of the ground transportation you decide to go with and not about the prices of the airport parking lot or your car being left there.

Have someone drop you off

Now this is one of the best ways to save time and money by just avoiding parking your vehicle anywhere as well as avoiding paying for ground transportation. If you have a friend who is willing to take you to the airport you are in luck. Most likely, your friends won’t charge you as much as an uber or taxi will and you will not have to worry about your car sitting in a parking lot. Just make sure you have someone to pick you up from the airport upon your arrival back at the airport.

Utilize parking apps

Another great way to avoid the steep prices that tend to come with parking at the airport would be by utilizing parking apps. There are many different off-site parking apps that you can download right onto your phone. The great thing about these apps is that they tend to be very intuitive and easy to use and a lot of them can find you a parking lot to leave your vehicle all at your fingertips. Another great thing about using these apps is that they will save you a lot of time looking because the apps tend to do most of the work for you. Just simply find an app that works for you and find an off airport parking location that works for you.

Park at a nearby hotel

Parking at a nearby hotel’s parking lot will always be cheaper than parking directly at the airport. Not only will you save money by parking at a nearby hotel, but many hotels will provide a shuttle service that will take you to and from the airport. This is also convenient for those who need a place to stay before flying out of the airport. 

Schedule your parking ahead of time

Another great way to save time and money when parking at the airport is scheduling your parking ahead of time. Typically, when you do anything last minute, it tends to be more expensive, and airport parking is no exception here. Booking your parking in advance will allow you to not only give you a cheaper rate, but also will allow you to find better deals and plan out your parking strategy to save even more money if you decide to use a different solution for avoiding expensive airport parking such as one of the many other solutions in this article.

Read the fine print

Reading the fine print is always good practice with anything in life and parking at the airport is definitely no exception. Reading the fine print will save you money or at least give you a complete understanding on what you are paying for. Sometimes there are hidden fees that you might not be aware of until you read the finely printed details. If you are looking to not be surprised by an extra fee that you were not aware of, reading the fine print is a great practice. 

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