Top niches for affiliate marketing (2022)

November 14, 2022

top niches for affiliate marketing

There is a secret in affiliate marketing that gurus like Pat Flynn and Shawn Collins won’t tell you.

Here it is:

While affiliate marketing has some huge ROI (despite the low investment), you MUST be in the RIGHT niche to succeed.

But what qualifies as the RIGHT niches for affiliate marketing? What are the perfect niches for affiliate marketers – experts and beginners alike?

This article will give the best answers to your questions as we have curated the cream of the crop of the niches for affiliate marketing. And mind you, our choices are not hearsay – we have tested and gotten proven results from them over the past decade.

5 tested and proven niches for affiliate marketing

Niches you should be looking at if you are interested in starting with affiliate marketing


This niche is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to cash out from affiliate marketing for life. Beyond affiliate marketing, technology sells. How so? Everything today needs technology – from business and transportation to food. We can’t do without it.

And with the unending wave of techies dishing out new products, there is no better time to explore this niche.

People will always want recommendations about their gadgets; be their shining light!

You might need to niche down further in technology to make the most bucks. Here are some additional questions that can help you niche down further:

Who is your audience; What is their occupation; Where are they on the adoption ladder?


Personal Finance

If you go over and review the history of human kind, you’ll find recession and economic meltdowns are constant. And so? People will always look for ways to scale through recessions and keep finance up.

Talking about people is even going too far; let’s start with you. Why are you googling top niches for affiliate marketing?

Do you want ways to grow a side income? Do you want to be financially free and enjoy the benefits of life while not worrying about your next bill?

Well, you are not the only one. We all want to be free financially. And for that reason, personal finance niches sell in affiliate marketing.

Lifestyle and wellness

Let’s ask you a “personal” question:

What will you do with the financial freedom you’re building?

Would your answer be to get more out of life? To look your best, to smell nice, to eat well, and enjoy your money for a long time?

Like you, many people want those, maybe on the surface “basic things” but in fact, these are the things that make live worth living. That is why the health and wellness niche was worth $4T in 2019. By 2025, it’ll be worth $6T – even not more.

If you ask us, that’s a lucrative niche to explore. And the best part: there are even more sub-niches you can choose to avoid competition. You could choose skin care, dieting, weight management supplements, anti-aging products, or even hair care.

Pet Care

Like lifestyle and wellness, pet care is one of the lucrative niches for affiliate marketing. Almost every home in the US has a dog or cat – or even both. That is why the annual spending on pet-related items is worth over $100B.

And the best part; the $100B will soon grow – thanks to recent and diversified uses of pets. During COVID-19, for example, pets were used as care aids. There were even dogs that hugged the sick.

So, you see, this niche will always sell.

Also, there are numerous sub-niche you can explore in pet care. You could affiliate with pet toys, pet food, pet supplies, or even breeding programs.

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