7 perks of using WordPress for your business site in 2022

December 20, 2021

Why you should use wordpress for your business site

After its initial release in 2003, the intention for WordPress was to use it only as a simple blogging system. However,  over time WordPress turned into was a global phenomenon, with hundreds of thousands of users all over the world. As it grew in popularity it also slowly became one of the most used CMS for business sites,To date, WordPress is the foundation of over 30 million business websites.

Benefits of using wordpress for your business site

It is no wonder that more than 60% of the websites on the Internet use WordPress as their CMS. As it’s easy to set up and to use, it is growing to be the go-to option for many business owners. Using WordPress for your business site, allows you to have a well-made and catchy business site which is key for getting new clients and more customers.


The number one reason for this content management system’s popularity is its price tag. WordPress is free to install and use. There is no need to hire a website developer because you can create your site by yourself for free. The only cost you will need to cover is your web hosting plan and any premium plugins or themes that you want.


As an open-source system, WordPress’ source code is available for anyone to view. This means that there are always going to be developers contributing to WordPress to make improvements and fix errors. These contributors also create new plugins and themes to enhance your website.

This is also beneficial because many common problems found in WordPress already have solutions. All you must do is perform a quick internet search, and you are likely to find forums discussing the problem and solution. There are also many educational resources online. For instance, if you want to find a guide to installing WordPress or video tutorials, those are easily accessible to anyone.


You can use WordPress to create all types of websites. The vast number of plugins and tools that are available will give you flexibility in your creation. For instance, if you want to run an eCommerce business, there is a plugin called WooCommerce. This will have your online storefront set up within minutes. If you have an interest in starting a blog, you can utilize plugins such as Grammarly. This will help you with spelling and grammar mistakes to improve your credibility with readers.

Numerous web hosting providers

WordPress allows plenty of flexibility when it comes to web hosting providers. Many providers offer an assortment of WordPress hosting plans. These are beneficial for your business site because they will optimize your website to its highest potential. WordPress hosting plans typically offer features such as improved security, auto-updates, and customer support offered by WordPress experts. 

Keep in mind that a good-quality web hosting provider will provide you with scalability options, good uptime, and quick loading speeds. Do not go for the cheapest provider if they can not offer you what you need.

Simple integration

For a business, it is important to tie together all your platforms so that customers become familiar with your brand. WordPress has good options for integrating with many third-party platforms. This includes social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Viewers will easily be able to access your latest updates or new products.

Improved SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is important for any company especially those that are new in the industry. WordPress automatically provides meta titles and descriptions for your posts to keep them organized. They also have a variety of plugins to improve SEO, such as the Broken Link Checker. This plugin monitors your website’s links and alerts you if there is an error. This is very beneficial, as you can fix the problem before a customer notices

Accessible Via Mobile

Modern websites should be compatible with mobile devices because to customers, this is the most convenient method of browsing through a website. Being mobile-friendly also raises a website’s search engine ranking and visibility. Most WordPress themes are compatible with mobile devices. The themes that are not compatible offer a “mobile view” mode for visitors.

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