Benefits of using VPS hosting for your business site

November 09, 2021

VPS hosting for small businesses

If you’re new to the world of website hosting, the sheer volume of different hosting plans can seem overwhelming. How do you know which hosting plan is best for your business if you don’t know the differences? 

A server is a computer that stores all the files, data, photos and other digital information that make up your website online. The domain attached to these files is what prompts the server to produce the content for visitors. 

The data kept on these servers depends on the type of server you’ve purchased. A shared server, for example, will host countless websites. As a result, during peak times (when multiple people are using the sites on the same server), the website’s load times may be slow and lagged. A dedicated VPS server means that only your website is stored, making your data reliable and secured.

Understanding a Virtual Private Server

Unlike dedicated servers, the VPS hosting will separate one powerful server into several smaller servers. These servers are private, meaning only one website will be hosted; no sharing of data, CPU, or RAM. While this setup sounds similar to the dedicated server, the layers on the operating system are all virtual, meaning the website lives within a secure container inside the virtual walls of the operating system. 

VPS Offers Increased Security Compared to Shared Servers

When you’re on a shared server, one security breach can jeopardize all of the websites. The long-term security of your website is dependent on the hosting provider and on the websites that share the server with you. It’s the equivalent of sharing a home with other people; if another tenant has a fire in their unit, all units have the same risk of damage. The same is valid with shared servers; while the server is very safe, a quick “fire” can cause vulnerabilities for all domains.

VPS hosting works to build the security of a dedicated server through virtual methods. All VPS users share the same server, giving you extra security and peace of mind. You’ll also have increased security capabilities, as the network isn’t dependent on the other domains.

VPS Brings Faster Performance to a Domain

Generally speaking, VPS hosting will often contain more bandwidth for high-demand websites. They’re also better designed to handle spikes in website traffic, so a domain isn’t negatively impacted.

Website visitors expect a website to load and perform quickly, without fluctuation. With VPS, the website domain isn’t influenced by other website’s traffic, remaining consistent and functional even during peak times. Having a fast and consistent website will also help your SEO efforts , as Google generally prefers websites that load faster.

Benefits of VPS Hosting Compared to Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the physical isolation of your domain from other accounts. It physically has its own server (the computer responsible for pulling your website information). From a cost standpoint, dedicated servers can be more expensive than VPS hosting for a few reasons.

The VPS still uses a “shared” server, meaning multiple sites are stored on the same physical server. You still have the dedicated resources of the independent server, although you don’t have the entire physical server.

With VPS hosting, scaling your website, the long-term development is effortless. Adjusting the VPS is shifting the virtual partition on the server, which can often be done within hours. Dedicated servers can be pretty expensive compared to VPS hosting, making them a financial burden on small business owners. Likewise, changing the resource capacity isn’t simplified with the dedicated physical server. That’s because partitioning the server is a physical job instead of a virtual one.

Which Hosting Package is Best?

Most websites will likely not need a dedicated server when first starting out. Only websites with exceptionally high levels of traffic will typically require a dedicated server. The VPS offers similar features of dedicated servers for a fraction of the price from a cost perspective.

Additionally, most websites will find the VPS hosting to be the flexibility and security they need without paying out the high fees of dedicated servers. This hosting is ideal for businesses hoping to scale their business in the near future, as scaling up is simplified.


There are already plenty of challenges for businesses when they are going online and having the best possible hosting will without a double save you some headaches. Moreover,  VPS hosting allows you to focus on your online business by providing fast, reliable and safe management of your online data. 

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