Ways to Improve Work Performance and Optimise Productivity

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ways to improve work performance

“Under pressure…
Pressure pushing down on me…
Pressing down on you…
No man ask for…”

We are all under pressure to be more productive. The more productive we are, the more profitable we become. We ask ourselves:

“How to make ourselves and our workers more productive and also lower their stress?”

The answer that everybody gives – “Try changing stuff.”

If only things were as easy as stating the obvious. Don’t know where to start and what to look for? We’ve written a couple of ways to help you improve work performance and optimise productivity in your company.

Sound Level – Silence or Noisy?

Teams are located in different rooms. The size of a team can vary from two people to twenty people in one room. However, the bigger the team, the bigger the sound level it makes. It affects productivity. Everybody prefers a different sound level.

• Some don’t mind working with a lot of noise, and it suits them.

• Others don’t like a noisy office. They lose focus and become unproductive.

To avoid such situations ask your employees whether they mind a noisy office or not. Afterwards, separate both types into different offices. However, not everyone can invest in new offices. To solve this problem while not spending more money, you should recommend to your workers to use earplugs. The funny thing about earplugs is that they actually work and sound level balance will finally be restored.

Routine at the Workplace – a Way to Increase Productivity

Some weeks, everyday feels like a Monday, and we know everybody hates Mondays. One way to increase work effectiveness is to make everyone love their job. Create a routine, a schedule when to relax, and when and where to work.

The day starts with an early chit-chat in the staff’s kitchen while drinking the morning coffee. After that, it’s time to get busy and start working in the office. Following is launch at noon, then back to work.

Another break comes after 2 pm to stretch those legs. And, everyone will love this working routine. It feels like there is time for everything. Create one that satisfies the needs of your employees.

Studies show that in an 8-hour work day a worker can be less than 4 hours productive. Play it smart and give your employees greater flexibility and freedom with their routine, which will ultimately result in significantly increased productivity.

Make the Working Space Feel Just like Home!

What better way to make yourself feel good at work than creating an atmosphere just like home. Reaching those productivity goals is done easier when you allow your employees to bring something they love and identify to work.

For instance, I love pop-culture movies and TV series. I really, really love Star Wars. That’s why in my office there is a Darth Vader clock. It makes my colleagues laugh when the alarm goes off – sounds of deep breaths from Vader. It rewards the feeling of relaxation that I get when I chill in my gaming room.

Also, you can personalise your computer, or your desk by adding something you like. One way to customise your desk is to bring a picture of your family. In tough times, just a glance of that picture motivates you to work more.

Keep Your Workplace Clean

My office, at 30 minutes before a crucial meeting: Papers are everywhere. Where is my phone? Did I leave my wallet on the table? Where are my notes? So many documents, can’t find anything, ahhggr!

Everything is scattered all over the place. Sounds familiar? Even though messier people have a higher IQ, if you want to get things done you need a clean desk. Imagine if the file you need for an important meeting is lost inside the chaos that you call your desk. The meeting time comes; a vital client enters the office and sees a messy room. Eyebrows are raised and suddenly the chances for sealing the deal equal to zero.

Keeping things messy and unorganised will lower productivity levels. The time spent searching for a document should be spent for a better preparation. You will lose so much time on insignificant stuff that you will lose the focus needed to do your job better. Keeping things organised improves productivity.

Ergonomic Furniture – Less Stress on the Neck and Back

Sitting in the same position, eight hours per day can create unwanted pain. If things don’t change, you might take sick leave. You don’t want that consequence happening to you and your employees, no! A sick day means low productivity for the firm! What can a business do to improve its productivity?

The best way to show your employees that you care is to invest in ergonomic equipment. Ergonomic chairs and tables will increase work efficiency by great numbers. For this reason, eight hours per day will now be pain-free. Moreover, when there is no pain at work, there are only results. If your employees feel that you care, they will reward you with hard work.

In conclusion, we all want to maximise efficiency at work. And, It is all up to you, to choose and implement one of the most preferred ways to improve work performance for your company.

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